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Inset map in Print Composer in QGIS using irregular shapes

I have been trying, unsuccessfully, to create an inset map in the Print Composer (via the Add New Map button) but, instead of it having the shape of the viewport main canvas, I would like it to have ...
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Zoom specific features/parts of maps in ArcGIS Pro

I'm making a map layout in ArcGIS Pro and would like to zoom specific parts and show as we display overview maps in sides of main map. See image attached. How can we do it in ArcGIS Pro?
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Removing symbols from area that is also shown on inset map using QGIS

I have a layer with locations. I want to display this on a layout that has a map at a small scale (main map) and an inset map at a bigger scale. I do not want to show on the main map the symbols that ...
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Removing labels from area that is also shown on inset map using QGIS

I am making a map of a continent on QGIS and I have marked some locations. Some of them are very close (making it difficult to read the labels) while some parts of the continent are empty. I have ...
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Creating inset map using R

I need to create a map of my sampling site, and the journal requested to make an inset map showing where in the world this map is, this is my map code. library(maps) library(GISTools) map('state', ...
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Creating multiple pages with inset map using ArcMap

I am using ArcMap 10.2 and I am working with the ModelBuilder. Now I would like to create multiple maps from a single layer file, but also use an inset map and background map. The thing is that the ...
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