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OpenLayers prevent DragPan from bottom of screen

My OpenLayers app runs on iPhones in full-screen. Of course on recent models of iPhone, there is a system gesture of swiping up from the bottom of the screen to suspend the app (eg, to return to the ...
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Selecting two adjecent line strings with select interaction in OpenLayers?

I have a map displaying various paths, separated to the segments, which are of type Feature<LineString>. We have a request to implement functionality allowing users to merge two neighboring ...
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Interactive editing of feature class table

I would like to create an arcpy tool that would allow me to iterate through a given feature class, probably using a For: statement, but that would pause after each instance to allow me to make changes ...
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Get style of selected feature in select interaction OpenLayers

I'm trying to add a select interaction on a vector layer and get the stroke color of the selected feature returned. I am able to set the style for the selected feature, but getStyle does not return ...
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Interactively create route that snaps to route layer in QGIS

There are many online tools for planning routes (e.g. Gaia GPS for hiking, Strava for cycling) in an interactive way (by clicking) such that the route generated conforms to an underlying route layer (...
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Select interaction with openlayers: multi equals true. How to store all layers?

I have a select interaction, with multi option equal to true. This interaction is used with popup, following code I store the ...
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How to fire Select event in OpenLayers only when adding a feature and not when removing a feature from the selection?

So I have various Points (comments) across a map on a comments layer and I have a select interaction which is used to show a text popup when the comments point is selected. When I select a point once, ...
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Interactive World Map with leader names of each country and administrative division

Is there any interactive World Map with country leaders, also the administrative divisions? Starting with presidents/heads of state and prime ministers and all the way down to town mayors. In usual ...
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Exporting an interactive map to web/online

I have made a map on QGIS for staff locations and symbolised the points by their job position, then created new layers for each position. I then used the qgis2web plugin to export it, but didn't ...
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Linking maps to dropdown menu in Google Earth Engine [closed]

I am attempting to make an interactive app to display air quality data but am new to using panels and widgets so am running into some issues that I hope can be resolved. First question: Is there a way ...
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OpenLayers 5.3 selected point feature does not return properties, but polygon does

I am having some issues in OpenLayers 5.3.0. The context is that I'm using Sharepoint lists as a backend to save feature data and OpenLayers is running in a Vue.js container. Everything works as ...
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How to populate a div with hover text in bokeh?

I am developing a geographical dashboard in bokeh. It is fairly easy to use hover tooltip in bokeh, however I want to populate a div when I hover on a field. Python version : 3.5.2 Bokeh version : 0....
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Get specific interaction from the map in OpenLayers 5

I am developing a map with OpenLayers v5.2.0, and I am having problems for the interaction change. Currently, I have a function that adds all the controls to the map (selection, draw, etc). Which ...
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