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Geomedia Smart Client features, Oracle database

We have database schema imported in Oracle, but when we want to import it into Geomedia Smart Client (GMSC) certain tables are not visible in GMSC. On the other hand, VIEW created from these tables ...
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How does GeoMedia know what feature classes are in a database?

I've got a set of tables that have been migrated over from one GeoMedia database (Oracle) to another (Oracle); in different schema's of course. I can't see the relevant Feature Classes when I look at ...
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Intergraph TerramapServer and PostGIS

Has anyone ever used the two of them together, and if so, any special caveat to be aware of ? Furthermore, does it even make sense to use PostGIS / do TerramapServers have their own storage format ...
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What sites discuss Geomedia products?

Do you know about any site where there is any discussion on Geomedia products (besides Intergraph Synergy site which is not very active lately)?
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