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use this tag when referring to the standard for the modeling and integration of geodata into contemporary and future geographic information systems

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Writing multiple geometries to Interlis using FME

I have to write Features with more than one geometry to interlis. In the Interlis model there is a class which has an optional second geometry as an attribute. Enabling the (Oracle-) Reader to read ...
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Association only unique with attribute

I'm doing a migration of an old data model. The relation between the ADRESSE and the ORGANISATION is a m:n relation with a table ORG_ADRESSE. There are some entries with the same references pairing ...
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interlis/ili2gpkg: export to XTF with multiple geometries

I am trying to export a XTF-File from a geopackage with ili2gpkg. The Interlis-Model is KbS_Basis_V1_4/KbS_LV95_V1_4. The data consists of point-features (table "belastete_standorte") from which some ...
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