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Skip (invalid) features with invalid geometries in project with pyqgis

I have configured a QGIS project with option processing to skip invalid features. When I run my script in python console in QGIS the code runs without problems even with invalid geometries. When I ...
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Checking whether a polygon drawn with Leaflet-Geoman plugin is valid?

We are using Leaflet.js to allow our users to draw polygons and save them to their GIS server. We do this by converting the geometry from Leaflet into WFS format and making an Insert Transaction via ...
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Why some layers are not available in QGIS? [closed]

I am using QGIS Desktop 3.22.5. How can I resolve the issue with unavailable layers?
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Loading WMTS Layer

I'm trying to access imagery from a WMTS server, but after connecting I get the following error: Invalid Layer: WMS provider Cannot calculate extent Raster layer Provider is not valid (provider: wms, ...
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