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iOS (originally iPhone OS) is a mobile operating system developed and distributed by Apple Inc.

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Google Maps layer copyright popup every time map updated / user input

I have used a Google Maps hybrid layer in Openlayers in my HTML5 iOS app for months now and it worked perfectly. Just recently they changed something because the 'Map data...' line at the bottom looks ...
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What iOS (iPhone/iPad) app from the App Store can I use to collect data?

What iOS app from the iTunes App Store can I use to collect data (mainly points, perhaps photos) and later import them into my GIS? I am mainly interested in an out-of-the-box solution, not develop ...
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Downloading specific OpenStreetMap data by tag?

I'd like to write an iPhone app which uses OSM data to map canals. The data is tagged in OSM as canals, but I'm not entirely sure how to download it. Libraries like route-me don't seem to provide a ...
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Build GDAL 3.x for iOS

I've been building GDAL 2.x for iOS for years but I will have a compelling need to upgrade to 3.6 when it is released (hopefully later this year). Therefore I now need to be able to build GDAL 3.x ...
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Qfield on IOS import data

I’m new in this forum. I’m not a native English speaker and I’m not very familiar with all the GIS-specific terms. I’ve tried unsuccessfully to import data to QField on my iPad Pro. I’m using a ...
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Performing TIFF to MBTILES conversion on Mac?

I have a large number of tiff files (map tiles) along with tab and tfw file types as part of an Ordnance Survey download. This is for an offline iOS app. I managed to get the tiffs into QGIS with ...
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Embedded images in KMZ not shown on Google Earth for iOS

I've created KMZs that work well in Google Earth. Their placemarks reference embedded images files like so <Placemark> <name><![CDATA[IMG_1288]]></name> <Snippet maxLines="...
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Building GDAL for iOS

I am interested in building GDAL for iOS. I have managed to build successfully for macOS by building from sources with: ./configure --with-python=python3 --with-proj=/usr/local/Cellar/proj/7.0.1 --...
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replacing dijit.ComboBox with dijit.Select results in error (ArcGIS Javascript API)

I am currently populating a Dojo ItemFileReadStore with the results of an ArcGIS query (Javascript 3.4 API), which is then passed to a Dijit COmboBox. I am now having problems with the ComboBox in iOS ...
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