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Questions related to the IPython environment.

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Show marker moving live along an ipyleaflet map?

I'm trying to simulate the real-time movement of a vehicle along a pre-determined path (as a list of coordinates) on ipyleaflet (running on a Jupyter Notebook). What I've tried is to instantiate a ...
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Why Does Jupyter/IPython Fail to load GDAL?

I've been trying to put together some Jupyter Notebooks which demonstrate some GDAL functionality but when I do from osgeo import gdal I get ImportError: DLL load failed: The specified procedure could ...
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Ipyleaflet map object doesn't display in Jupyter Notebook but it gets created

When running the code from the example (, no map get displayed. from ipyleaflet import Map, basemaps, basemap_to_tiles m = ...
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QGIS not importing correct IPython version for IPython QGIS console plugin

I am trying to run the Ipython console plugin in QGIS 2.18 After installing the plugin, I tried running it, and got the following error: You need to install IPython 3.1.0 (and then restart QGIS) ...
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Set georeferenced extents of VRT file when calling GDALBuildVRT

I'm using Jupyter Notebook and gdalbuildvrt to write a program that loads hundreds of rasters. I want to set an area of interest, and only keep rasters (or portions of rasters) that fall in this area. ...
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Getting error when trying to use IPyConsole Plugin in QGIS 2.18.16

I am trying to use the IPyConsole Plugin and the error I receive tells me I have to install IPython 3.1.0 or Jupyter 1.0.0. So I followed the link they gave me and installed Anaconda 2.17 and then 3 ...
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Loading satellite spectral bands in Ipython error

I am quite new to working in the prompt for image analysis and data handling, so I realize this might very well be a very silly problem. In any occasion, I am using my tutor's code in order to ...
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Graphically select a subset of Shapely objects in a Jupyter/iPython notebook

This question is being cross-posted from stackoverflow. The interoperability between Shapely and Jupyter/iPython is nice. I can do cool stuff like create a bunch of geometric shapes and view them in ...
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Is it possible to get OSM data in geojson via overpass api using ipython?

I am looking for a solution that works with the overpass api. for example:[out:geojson];area(3600225494);(node(area)[%22amenity%22~%22theatre|cinema|...
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Need to fill the area of shapefile that contains LineStrings, which form a polygon, in ipython

The porblem I have is that I fetched the data about the administrative level of vienna (from OSM via overpass --> vienna relation id = 109166) as xml format. (json didn't work it had encoding problems)...
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1 answer

Using IPython if set ArcGIS's python as default kernel in spyder?

i install anaconda first then set the arcgis python 2.7.8 win32 as interpreter just like Importing arcpy in Spyder said,but why i cannot open my IPython then?
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1 answer

Folium and MarkerCluster?

I'm trying to use Folium but am having difficulty adding multiple points to a MarkerCluster in one fell swoop. Documentation is... sparse, so I'm not sure how to proceed. This recreates the problem ...
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netcdf python error

I am basically copying and pasting the code provided on Esri's website and every time I try to run it in ipython, the program crashes and needs to restart the kernels. The code is below, does anyone ...
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arcpy, CalculateField: 'geoprocessing sys.stdout object' object has no attribute 'flush'

Working with 10.2.2, 64bit geoprocessing arcpy installation. Getting this error from arcpy.CalculateField_management() command. From Spyder IDE in an ipython console, I get the error: [IPKernelApp] ...
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Gdal in ipython gives ImportError?

i am trying to run GDAL in Ipython Notebook but i don't get it. I did conda install GDAL and it was aparently ok, but when i try to do the import i get this: ImportError ...
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Link QGIS to Anaconda Python Distribution: Spyder, iPython Notebook, pip, scikit-learn

I have Anaconda as my primary Python distro, and want to route Python related QGIS scripts through it. With Anaconda, I have Spyder, can easily install packages with pip, and can launch a iPython ...
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Accessing existing instance of QGIS in stand-alone Python script

For my own data analysis pipeline, I am running a split screen setup with IPython notebooks on one side, generating variables from source data, pushing them to a CSV file which QGIS then reads/joins ...
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Embedding IPython into QGIS console?

I would like to use Ipython in the console to perform tasks more easily. How can I do that? I want to use Ipython because I prefer to program with it. I would like to have TAB-completion because ...
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