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For Questions which are specific to the country of Iran.

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Unknown Coordinate System for Tehran

I have a data with an unknown coordinate system. The coordinates has 10 digits left of the decimal. Its unit is equivalent to about a cm. The data is for Tehran(Iran), boundaries of Tehran are about ...
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Iran place names in Farsi

I'm looking for a downloadable listing of place names for Iran, in Farsi script. I downloaded GeoNames for Iran, but many of the place names in there seem to be only in Latin script (of 253,000 names,...
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How to set Persian charset in shapefile generated from GeoServer?

I have a .NET based web-gis application, and in that application different users update layers (layers information are stored in SQL server). When I generate shapefile from that layer in GeoServer ...
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what is the suitable projection coordinate system for Iran

I am doing analysis for province wise Iran. I am using WGS1984 as my geographical coordinate system, and I do not know which is suitable Projection coordinate system for entire Iran. I feel the UTM ...
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