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Questions tagged [iso-19115]

ISO 19115 is an abstract standard for defining metadata for geographic datasets and series.

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How do I remove a schema_plugin from a geonetwork instance?

Currently running a geonetwork 4.2.0 instance in a sandbox environment and I need to remove all but one schema_plugin, iso19115-3.2018. However I am unable to remove the iso19139 plugin without ...
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Creating ISO 19115 metadata from REST services

I need to create ISO 19115 metadata from REST services on a webpage. I'm not even sure how to begin on this. Has anyone here done this or similar tasks before?
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FileError: 'http://localhost:8080/geonetwork/catalog/lib/style/bootstrap-3.0.1/variables.less' wasn't found (404)

After installing the geonetwork version 3.2.1 and the plugin of the iso19115-3 everything work fine. But when plugin the lampv2 profile, this error message shows: ## FileError: 'http://localhost:8080/...
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QGIS 3 Metadata to ISO XML

Just found out that QGis 3.x has a metadata editor. That is great! Is there a tool to convert the metadata saved by QGIS (.qmd file) to a ISO-xml standard metadata file? Why am I asking this: I ...
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How to import and transform metadata in shapefile in QGIS?

I know nothing about metadata so my question will seem a bit dumb. I found metadata on the net that I want to use in a shapefile in QGIS, but I have no idea on how to do it. I tried the metatools ...
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QGIS and metainformation ISO 19115

I'm using QGIS, but not for a long time. I'm editing and saving shapes and geotiffs. And I'm happy how this works. I'm wondering if there's a way to import and export metadata ISO 19115, while saving ...
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Import in QGIS a XML with metadata and a reference to the attribute information ISO 19115

I have created an XML file containing metadata for a specific layer. The XML is in ISO 19115/ISO 19139. I have also added attribute information (based on ISO19110) as a reference. <gmd:contentInfo&...
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Creating ISO 19139 xml metadata from spreadsheet? [duplicate]

I have metadata that was collected according to ISO categories and is currently housed in a spreadsheet where each row houses metadata for a GIS dataset. I am interested in automating the creation of ...
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Customizing ISO 19139 metadata profile in ArcCatalog?

I'm using the ISO 19115/19139 metadata standard, and I need to convert some optional elements into mandatory elements. Is it possible to achieve this using ArcCatalog as the metadata editor? About ...
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Creating metadata conformant to ISO 19139 standard?

My company would like to perform a complete overhaul of their metadata. They would like to use the ISO standard. How can we go about this? I have been researching and have done a lot of reading ...
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Getting feature details from Geonetwork

I am using the metadata catalogue Geonetwork which deals with the metadata. As far as I can see this metadata contains details about createdate,changedate,origin,title etc but does not contain ...
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extraction of metadata from gml file

I am in the need to extract metadata in XML format from a gml file following the standard ISO 19115 Can anyone suggest to me how to do that Is there any open source for the same
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ISO 19115 metadata element gmd:credit

Trying to find details for a ISO element. We looking for a place to put a formatted citation that users of a content management system include in a dataset description. These citations are in ...
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How successful are current metadata implementations in achieving its objectives

Metadata infrastructure is well established as an essential practice within the GIS community. Quoting from the FGDC: Metadata helps people who use geospatial data find the data they need and ...
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Writing XML metadata with Python?

Some Python software I have written generates raster files via GDAL. I would like the software to create an XML metadata file for each raster so that I can include details about how the raster was ...
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Seeking Open Source ISO Metadata Editor?

I am looking for a free open source ISO metadata editor for the development of an enterprise database. It will mostly be used for documenting shapefiles and GeoTIFFs. Hoping that it will be an ...
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Metadata for paper maps

In GeoNetwork/ISO 19115, how do you describe physical access parameters for a physical paper map (i.e. of type CI_PresentationFormCode==mapHardcopy)? For example I want to be able to find the map ...
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