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Questions tagged [iso-19139]

ISO 19139 Geographic information -- Metadata -- XML schema implementation, is an XML encoding of the ISO 19115 and ISO 19119 metadata standards.

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How do I remove a schema_plugin from a geonetwork instance?

Currently running a geonetwork 4.2.0 instance in a sandbox environment and I need to remove all but one schema_plugin, iso19115-3.2018. However I am unable to remove the iso19139 plugin without ...
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ArcGIS 10.5 - Filter raster datasets by it's ISO 19115 metadata

I'd like to use search engine of ArcGIS 10.5 to filter raster datasets by it's ISO attributes (for example resolution). Search engine by default can filter only by tags, summary, description and ...
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Creating ISO 19139 xml metadata from spreadsheet? [duplicate]

I have metadata that was collected according to ISO categories and is currently housed in a spreadsheet where each row houses metadata for a GIS dataset. I am interested in automating the creation of ...
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Customizing ISO 19139 metadata profile in ArcCatalog?

I'm using the ISO 19115/19139 metadata standard, and I need to convert some optional elements into mandatory elements. Is it possible to achieve this using ArcCatalog as the metadata editor? About ...
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GeoNetwork WPS harvesting

I'm doing some testing of GeoNetwork and trying to harvest some OGC services to populate the catalogue with datasets and processing tools. Following the GeoNetwork documentation, this works well for ...
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Editing custom ISO 19139 metadata template in ArcGIS Desktop?

I created an ISO 19139 metadata template. Before I imported it to test it I noticed I couldn't edit it at all. On the top of the editor in ArcCatalog on the description tab there is usually a choice ...
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Creating metadata conformant to ISO 19139 standard?

My company would like to perform a complete overhaul of their metadata. They would like to use the ISO standard. How can we go about this? I have been researching and have done a lot of reading ...
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ISO 19115 metadata element gmd:credit

Trying to find details for a ISO element. We looking for a place to put a formatted citation that users of a content management system include in a dataset description. These citations are in ...
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Writing ISO 19139 compliant XML metadata from spreadsheet?

I am looking at a way to migrate the metadata from a spreadsheet into ISO 19139 compliant XML metadata documents for a collection of shapefiles. I can parse the data out of the spreadsheet into ...
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