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For Questions which are specific to the country of Israel.

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Python pyproj converting from WGS84 to Israel Grid IG 05/12 [duplicate]

Now I see this is duplicate and is answered in Pyproj projection 0.5 meter differnce from official results (IGD05/12,IG05/12) Israel Grid I am trying to translate coords from WGS84 (file collected ...
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Pyproj projection 0.5 meter differnce from official results (IGD05/12,IG05/12) Israel Grid

I'm trying to use those parameters and I receive a difference of ~0.5m ALON and BSHM APN Points: coords = [ (dms2rad([31,42,28.5694]), dms2rad([34,36,23.92196]), 55.671), (dms2rad([32,46,44....
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Lidar data for Israel [closed]

Are there any public sources for LIDAR data for the country of Israel? Searching online has not lead me to find any sources out there.
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Python pyproj converting from wgs84 to Israel Grid IG 05/12 EPSG:6991

I am trying to convert from lat/long to xy in Israel Grid 05/12: links ( I tried this : p = pyproj.Proj("+init=ESPG:6991") using python package pyproj ...
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Georeferencing old British army map of Palestine?

I'm using the georeferencer to try and reference a British army map of Palestine. I want it to later be added on Google earth. I'm pretty sure it should be Palestine grid 1923 the map ends up ...
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Where to find neighborhood boundaries for Israel?

Is there a place that has neighborhood boundary data for Israeli cities as polygons? I have searched the web without results.
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What is the coordinate system of this maritime natural gas field map?

The Israeli Ministry of Natural Infrastructure, Energy and Water Resources published a maritime map of the borders of a new natural gas field. The map is a part of a full license (PDF), a legal ...
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Shapefile of Israeli sub-districts [closed]

Is anyone aware of freely available shapefile of Israeli sub-districts? The file I found only contained data at the district level.
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openlayers:transform from ITM to 900913 is not accurate

I did a custom projection ITM (Israel TM) and I then am doing transform to all the feature before I'm adding them to the map, from ITM to 900913 proj because I want to show the feature on the map. ...
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