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GADM 4.1 Sardinia administrative boundaries does not reflect changes that occur in 2016

I am working with GADM 4.1 administrative areas and then put them into Bing Maps. I have found that those for Sardinia, Italy are not in line with changes that happened in 2016. In GADM we have: ...
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Seeking Italy building shapefile [closed]

I'm looking for a buildings layer shapefile for Italy but the one I can find for free here looks incomplete in comparison to when I do a sense check against Google Earth:
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Determining projected coordinate system for area in Italy

I am working in ArcGIS and I have calculated the slope which shows higher values which is unusual. I came to know about projected coordinates system. I am working on a lake located in Italy. Which ...
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Looking for rivers data of South Italy

I am working on a twelfth-century description of South Italy (Calabria, Apulia and Campania) which describes rivers that are now dried up. I am attempting to create maps which reflect the description ...
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Modified British System "South Italy Zone" grid - wide residual error georeferencing maps in ArcMap or QGIS

In accordance with the information of a previous thread on this platform, I am trying the georeference some war maps of Italy within the South Italy Zone grid of the Modified British System. I work ...
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Coordinate system Italy Sicily

I've received a .dxf file of a small area in Sicily. Now I have a problem with the coordinate system. It's not the usual European UTM or similar. I absolutely cannot find what coordinate system it is. ...
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Converting Google Maps lat long to EPSG:6706

I'm sending a WMS GetFeatureInfo() request, but there is something wrong because the returned info does not appropriate a clicked point. I suspect that the error is in the BBOX parameter of the ...
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How to add map layer of Italy in map canvas in standalone QGIS application

I have map canvas and I need to add map layer of Italy. I already succeed to add map of whole world, but when I zoom it to Italy I get nothing. I do research and I found this page: http://mobac....
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Free unlimited geocoding for Italy?

I’m trying really hard to find a free geocoding solution that does not apply a throttle on the amount of requests - throttling the speed to 1 per second is still okay, but on the number not. Does ...
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Seeking administrative divisions shapefile for Italy? [duplicate]

I am looking for administrative divisions' shapefile for Italy for QGIS. I found one which is a bit old with some inconsistencies. Can anyone please suggest a database to find better (or newer) ...
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Italy, road network shapefile with full speed information

I am perusing the internet since one day and still cannot find something satisfying. The most important thing I am interested in is the speed limit (or an average speed) of the respective elements. I ...
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Building shapefile for Naples region, Italy

I have been searching high and low for a building data layer for the Naples region of Italy (Campania). I am studying volcanic risk from a volcano called Campi Flegrei and have to see how this volcano ...
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Map mobile phones antennas

Is it possible to find a map of Italian mobile phones antennas (and possibly also European ones)? I need to import it in QGIS so it would be great a shapefile or dxf file or something related to them....
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Fine-Grained Political Modern Map of Italy

Italy is made out of regions which are broken down into provinces and each city belongs to a province (each province also has a city with the same name as the province). There are several road maps ...
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Seeking up to date Italian administrative boundaries? [duplicate]

I am after Italian GIS data - administrative boundaries such as: Regions (Regioni) Provincies (Provincie) Municipalities (Comuni) Districts (Quartieri) City quarters (Contrade o Rioni) Zones (Zone)...
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R package for geographic regions

Someone told me about a R package with the definition of objects some regions and nations boundaries. I'm trying to find the border of Veneto, an italian region. What's the name of the package? Do you ...
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Using SVG from Wikipedia to fill polygon?

I'm trying to use the flag of each region in Italy to fill each region's polygon. I have downloaded the shapefile of Administrative areas for Italy from diva-gis and am now attempting to fill each of ...
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Which projection: Map from South Tyrol (Italy)

I need to find out what projection this base-map has for digitizing the information that was drawn on it. It's from South Tyrol (South Tirol) in Italy. I have the following information: Title: ...
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Bathymetry dataset of Italy with 3 arc-seconds resolution or better

I am looking for a dataset of bathymetry data of Italy. I shall use it in an application for collision avoidance of vessels coming into the port. I need to know how deep the sea bottom is at each ...
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