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Questions relating to the Jenks optimization method.

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Jenks Classification with multiple colors PyQGIS 3

I want to make a Jenks classification in Python for QGIS 3.16 with 5 classes and 5 colors for a shapefile layer. I've tried this code : renderer = QgsGraduatedSymbolRenderer() renderer....
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Apply Jenks classification on a subset of features - PyQGIS3

I have a layer of watersheds, and a layer of diagnostic units, that are contained in each watersheds. I have indicator values for each diagnostic unit. Indicator values have been normalised according ...
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2 answers

Natural Breaks Results Difference in Different GIS Analyst Tools

I calculated natural break clustering in each GIS software and Python Jenkspy library. The data is population of each city in Europe and this is the result below. Jenkspy library and QGIS shows ...
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Raster reclassification in QGIS or other open source software with automatically calculated breaks

I've been searching for a way to automatically calculate breaks to reclassify a raster using QGIS or another open source software, in a similar way it can be done in ArcGIS (Slice tool). I've searched ...
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Choosing color classes for comparing differently distributed spatial data

For comparison, I want to draw two maps alongside each other. Both maps should use the same color classes/scale. The problem is that the data for the maps is very different: The data for the first map ...
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How to determine the appropriate classification type in a graduated style choropleth map?

I have to provide choropleth maps for for Energy savings, Emission savings, Cost Savings related to different administrative boundaries such as provinces and states, but I don't know which ...
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Pseudo natural breaks classification

Wondering if there is a code or tool that will allow me to format the ranges and labels for classes for Natural Breaks (Jenks) classification in ArcGIS? I understand that if I alter the ranges it ...
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What is the theory behind graduated symbols in QGIS?

QGIS offers 5 methods of classifying vector map data (quantiles, equal interval, etc). What is the theoretical base of these methods? If there are certain methods suitable for certain types of data or ...
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