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1 answer

Jimu Redux Extension - myStore is undefined

I am following the example for building a Jimu Redux extension here. After implementing this demo, the myStore part of state is undefined. What am I in missing this example? Extension import { type ...
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1 vote
1 answer

How to get attributes of Web Map feature which user clicked on in custom widget in ArcGIS Experience Builder application?

I have an ArcGIS Experience Builder application, which uses a Web Map I host in ArcGIS online. This Web Map contains a feature layer with several attributes, and I can use these in Experience Builder ...
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5 votes
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What is jimu.js in Web AppBuilder?

The Web AppBuilder is a pure dojo, and Node.js application to build webmap applications by analyst that are not developers. However there is also a developer version where you can extend or build your ...
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