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a free and open-source content management system (CMS), based on PHP and MySQL, for publishing web sites and online applications.

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How can I fix mobile view on Joomla 3?

I read the discussion (Openstreet with leaflet not appearing on some desktop and all mobile browser) but I don't know where to find this code and fix it on Joomla 3. I used a plugin (Fields - GMapFP ...
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1 answer

geoExt2 application in a CMS (joomla, Wordpress)

I am working on geoExt2 application but I want to integrate it as "article" in a Joomla (or similar CMS). I don't want special interactions with the CMS just a link from the menu which will serve the ...
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Participative maps for collecting geographic information? [duplicate]

I'm looking for a simple way to collect information for a participative plans (regarding landscape) and show them on Google Maps. I'm thinking to a small web form for asking information to public (es:...
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How to show on a a map of countries only the countries with names contained in a php array

I'm doing an important homework for university and I want to use cartoDB to do some parts of it. On my joomla website I have created a form with Chronoforms and in Chronoforms in a custom code box I ...
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Problems with layer-selector code on joomla article

I have three visualizations I have created,you can see them separately on the following links http://www.locattivitaecon....
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How to display a visualization created with CartoDB in a Joomla article?

The code in the article is: <div id="map" style="width:600px; height:400px;"> </div> <script> function main() { cartodb.createVis('map','
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2 votes
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CartoDB data not displaying on Google basemap

I'm new to CartoDB but hoping to use it to display various types of real estate data on my website. That said I've been playing around with some of the sample code (Google Maps V3 integration example ...
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