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Julia is a high-level, high-performance dynamic programming language for technical computing. It addresses the two-language problem by combining the ease of use of languages such as R and Python with the performance of C and Fortran.

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Using Pyjulia/Julia with PyQGIS

Does anyone know how I can go about using PyJulia in QGIS Python? I was able to pip install pyjulia, but it can't find the Julia installation on my computer ("not in PATH", which it most ...
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Does a PolyLineZ feature (and shapefile) have to have M values?

I'm having an interoperability issue between QGIS and Shapefile.jl that revealed some of my confusion about shapefiles. I draped a vector layer with topographic information using QGIS, putting the ...
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How to read a shapefile using Julia?

I am starting to learn Julia and I am wondering how to read a shapefile? Is it as straightforward as with other languages (e.g. Python or R)?
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