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Seeking High Resolution DEM for Kenya

Do you have any suggestions for accessing the best source for High Resolution DEM for Kenya? I'm trying to find high resolution DEM or DTM datasets for Kenya, (specifically around the village of ...
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Why GADM state/county shapefile for Kenya does not line up with OpenStreetMap data?

I am fairly new to QGIS and am using XYZ Tiles for OpenStreetMap and shapefile layers from GADM to see boundaries in Kenya (to start). I have an OpenStreetMap layer and gadm41_Ken_1.shp layer and the ...
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Seeking accurate WMS server for Kenya?

I am looking for an accurate Map for visualizing positional data collected in Kenya. Right now I am using EXOMAPS (, in particular, a Sentinel2 cloudless view, but I am ...
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Convert Cassini-Soldner Projection coordinates from Kenya to UTM

I have a list of coordinates from Kenya. The coordinates were recorded in old survey maps using Cassini-Soldner Projection, with Clarke 1858 Datum. The approximate geographic coordinates (WGS84) of ...
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What is the right projection for area calculation in Kenya? [duplicate]

I want to calculate the area of counties (1st admin level) in Kenya in ArcGIS. What is the right projection for that? I know I should use an equal area projection, but when I use them (I tried six ...
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How to locate a point on google maps/earth using cadastral maps in Kenya

I'm an architect, so not too well versed with all this datum/transformation talk. My little problem: i want to be able to enter a position using UTM or deg/sec/min coordinates into google earth and ...
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Older British Geological Survey geology maps of Kenya; need complete projection information

I have several geologic maps of Kenya produced by the BGS circa 1993. Noted on each map is the following: Projection:-Transverse Mercator Spheriod:-Clarke 1880 (modified) That's great, but that ...
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Source for high-resolution satellite images free/low-cost?

I am doing a household survey in Kenya, and I need to ensure that my survey team visits every house within a given area. I've been going to google maps and right-clicking on roofs to get coordinates ...
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