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Computation with dictionary-values in GEE

I have FeatureCollection in GEE , so for each feature there is data in the properties about total number of pixels, means and more data. I would like to add new column with computation based on this ...
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Summing Values for Each Item in a Dictionary

# Create dictionary with segmentid as key, calculated length as value1, measured length as value2 fiberCableLengths = defaultdict(list) with arcpy.da.SearchCursor(fiberCable, ['segmentid', '...
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How to sum values for any x,y coordinate as key in a dictionary by PyQGIS? [closed]

I have a dictionary that it's keys are the x,y coordinates and values are any number example: {(232211,3.7094e+06): [83.77895325168048], (232111,3.7093e+06): [176.90244718253913], (232211,3.7095e+...
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Creating key map in ArcMap 10.2?

I have a map with a parcel (property) layer with property information including the owners name and address. I would like to label all of the properties with a key number/letter and reference it to a ...
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Lost Foreign key during conversion of SQLite to PostgreSQL using ogr2ogr

I want to centralise several small sqlite databases into a single, big, postgresql database. I am using ogr2ogr to convert my sqlite / spatialite (v3.7.17 / v4.1.1) databases, each one consisting of ...
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sorted ItemFileReadStore list not pushed to dropdown menu // Dojo, ArcGIS

this may be more a Dojo question than ArcGIS, but I am not sure if the Javascript API is related to this issue. I am trying to alphabetically sort a Dojo store and show these items in a dropdown ...
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How do algorithms load pieces of maps?

If the user moves the mouse pointer to the top left corner of the screen, I want my software to auto-load the three tiles that are closest to the mouse pointer. My assumptions are that the smaller are ...
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Is there any way I can use a Key-Value store for geospatial data?

I have used many relational databases in the past, but I have also read about all NoSQL databases, and the Key-Value stores looks interesting. When I store geometric object I mostly use five indexed ...
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