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Piv Card Authentication

My company issues piv cards for authenticating with various sites and systems. We have data we would like to add to QGIS, but they are protected behind our pvliv card authentication. Typically. I can ...
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Computation with dictionary-values in GEE

I have FeatureCollection in GEE , so for each feature there is data in the properties about total number of pixels, means and more data. I would like to add new column with computation based on this ...
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Summing Values for Each Item in a Dictionary

# Create dictionary with segmentid as key, calculated length as value1, measured length as value2 fiberCableLengths = defaultdict(list) with arcpy.da.SearchCursor(fiberCable, ['segmentid', '...
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How to sum values for any x,y coordinate as key in a dictionary by PyQGIS? [closed]

I have a dictionary that it's keys are the x,y coordinates and values are any number example: {(232211,3.7094e+06): [83.77895325168048], (232111,3.7093e+06): [176.90244718253913], (232211,3.7095e+...
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Creating key map in ArcMap 10.2?

I have a map with a parcel (property) layer with property information including the owners name and address. I would like to label all of the properties with a key number/letter and reference it to a ...
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Lost Foreign key during conversion of SQLite to PostgreSQL using ogr2ogr

I want to centralise several small sqlite databases into a single, big, postgresql database. I am using ogr2ogr to convert my sqlite / spatialite (v3.7.17 / v4.1.1) databases, each one consisting of ...
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sorted ItemFileReadStore list not pushed to dropdown menu // Dojo, ArcGIS

this may be more a Dojo question than ArcGIS, but I am not sure if the Javascript API is related to this issue. I am trying to alphabetically sort a Dojo store and show these items in a dropdown ...
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How do algorithms load pieces of maps?

If the user moves the mouse pointer to the top left corner of the screen, I want my software to auto-load the three tiles that are closest to the mouse pointer. My assumptions are that the smaller are ...
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Is there any way I can use a Key-Value store for geospatial data?

I have used many relational databases in the past, but I have also read about all NoSQL databases, and the Key-Value stores looks interesting. When I store geometric object I mostly use five indexed ...
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