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GeoServer WMS/WMTS to Kibana

I'm trying to set up GeoServer to serve map data to Kibana. So far I managed to get data from the US national weather service into Kibana so I know the concept is working.
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Provided shape has duplicate consecutive coordinates at: (-87.2576, 90.0, NaN) [closed]

I get the following error when I send POST request to GeoServer. This error occurs only with particular layer. Other layers work fine. <?xml version="1.0"?> <ServiceExceptionReport version="...
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Defining refresh interval of map in GeoServer?

Is it possible to define the map refresh interval on the server-side (GeoServer 2.11)? The issue is the following. I send GetMap requests to GeoServer from Kibana (client-side). Once the response is ...
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