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How to get Google MyMaps to respect refreshable Network Links

I import a simple NetworkLink file (as represented immediately below) into MyMaps, calling out some level of refresh mode: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <kml ...
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How do I view KML network layers or WMS layers on mobile?

I want to view live layers (KML Network or WMS) on the phone. Google Earth application is very useful and advantageous for me and my team. But I guess Google Earth doesn't support live layers. Do I ...
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Network link (KML) from GeoServer error - Unable to transform referenced envelope, crs has not yet been provided

Every time I download a network link from the GeoServer, I get this error: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no"?><!DOCTYPE ...
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View KML Feed in QGIS

Is it possible to load a KML Feed into QGIS like a WFS and WMS feed? There's a website that shows the location and P2P links of communication towers in Australia. The website allows you do download a ...
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Opening KML Network Link in QGIS [duplicate]

How can I open a KML Network Link in QGIS? I have googled this question and searched for similar questions on Stack Exchange. I am not asking how to open a KMZ in QGIS. I don't see any references to ...
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Loading KML WMS Network Link through Google Earth API

I'm trying to add a KML network link with the Google Earth API using the same function that I have used for regular KMLs and KMZs. Sources suggest to create a KML with a "Ground Overlay" to connect to ...
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Displaying a dynamic KML file on Google Maps as it is on Google Earth

how can i display my kml files through network link on Google Maps instead of showing it on Google Earth. I have tried the step mentioned on this link
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What's an analogy for a Network Link (KML)? [closed]

I'm trying to communicate how a product could/should/does behave with Network Links but am often getting tripped up by explaining the difference between the "link" and the "fetched content" -- which ...
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Opening KML Network Link in QGIS

If it is possible to open and visualize a KML Network Link in QGIS, then what are the steps involved? KML Network Links are described at Google Earth Network Links Explained and at Using Network Links ...
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Using Network Links updates successfully with ArcGIS Explorer?

I've been trying to do updates of kml through a network link without success. Here is an example from the KML 2.1 tutorial. Load the following file (Point-load.kml) into AGX: <?xml version="1.0" ...
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kml network link styling

I have a kml network link (parent) that loads a second kml file (child) that contains a set of polygons. Currently the style of the polygons is set to a url within the child kml file. I would like ...
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