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For questions concerning geospatial data or analysis located at the Korean Peninsula.

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Can differences in Datum make a big difference in RTK surveying?

I'm a student studying surveying and analysis. I have gathered coordinates data on the same point via VRS, RTK, and Thingstream's PPP. It seems like VRS and RTK goes similar, but PPP keeps getting ...
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Korean place names romanisation in R [closed]

What R resources are there to romanise Korean place names? The places in question are administrative areas, from regions down to city districts. It could take the form of a gazetteer listing place ...
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Converting Korea 2000 coordinate system to WGS84?

I have coordinates in Korea 2000 EPSG:5181 projected coordinate system. Is there a way to make a formulation in excel to convert these coordinates to lat long (WGS84)?
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Does UTM Zone 52N belongs to Korea or Malaysia?

I have a shapefile 'watershd.shp' of a region of South Korea without any projections. I want to view this 'watershd.shp' area along with a point shapefile (point.shp) which I got from Google Earth. ...
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