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.lasd is a LAS dataset file developed by ESRI.

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"Vertical and linear units in the X,Y, and Z coordinate systems are not the same" error in a task process

I am having a CS issue for my LASD dataset. I'm trying to run a tool in ArcGIS Pro that will analyze my LiDAR dataset (about 100 tiles) and create tree points based on the clustering of classified ...
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Can LASD file be used as input in Classify Point Cloud Using Trained Model tool in ArcGIS Pro?

I have 400+ LAS files and also a LASD data set derived from all of them. The LAS files together are somewhere above 50GB in size. The LASD is only ~800 KB. I take it, then, that the LASD obviously ...
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How to efficiently deal with LAS tile overlap when 'Classify LAS Overlap' takes days

I am using the tool 'Classify LAS Overlap' in ArcGIS Pro to classify overlap points in LIDAR data from multiple sources (data from Colorado Hazard Mapping) in order to eventually turn them into a ...
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Where is the "Display file name" option for a LAS dataset in ArcGIS Pro?

In ArcMap, I can easily label the file name for a LAS dataset through the layer properties. In ArcGIS Pro I can only see limited options. Is there any way of labeling the file name?
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Convert lasd to multipoint?

Is there a way to convert an .lasd to multipoint? I created this .lasd from .laz files using the 'Convert LAS tool' in ArcGIS Pro (.las were unavailable).
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Removing datapoints from LAS dataset using ArcMap?

I'm working with lasd data sets in ArcMap 10.5 and I'm trying to create an density raster from the ground points. How would I either remove all but the points classed as ground from the las data set ...
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Displaying LiDAR data with too many points in ArcMap?

I have imported LiDAR data into ArcMap in the shape of a Las DataSet with twelve .las files (contains over 100 million data points). I believe the file itself is working properly. However, no points ...
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Using iterator for lasd files in ArcGIS ModelBuilder?

I am trying to use model builder to create a number of DEMs from LiDAR point clouds. To do so, I need to filter the point clouds for ground points only and then convert the points to raster. In the ...
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Converting .las files to LAS datasets using ModelBuilder iterator?

I have 1500 individual LAS files and I need to move them to separate LAS datasets (so 1500 LAS datasets). I've used iterator (iterate files) in ModelBuilder and it creates 1500 individual LAS ...
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Enabling Surface Constraints on a LASD in ModelBuilder?

I'm working on a LAS processing model. I have been able to: create a LASD from a folder of LAS files. create a mask from the LASD. apply the mask (called Surface Constraints) to the LASD file. ...
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Losing DEM (from LAS Dataset) data coverage when calculated in higher resolution?

I am trying to calculate DEMs for different resolutions (15 x 15, 7.5 x 7.5 and 3.75 x 3.75 m) using LAS Dataset To Raster tool in ArcGIS 10.5. Unfortunately, no matter which settings I use for ...
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LAS dataset to raster: 'no spatial reference exists'?

I am trying to make a DEM from my LAS dataset and I am using LAS Dataset to Raster tool in Conversion Tools. But I am getting the following error: No Spatial Reference exists. The table was ...
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Converting vertical coordinate system of LAS dataset? [duplicate]

I want to overlap both LiDAR data and SRTM data but they use different vertical coordinate systems. I am using ArcMap 10.2 and I firstly created a LAS dataset and original vertical coordinate system ...
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Debugging arcpy LasDatasetToRaster_conversion error 999999? [closed]

I have 40+ LAS Datasets (.lasd) that I am attempting to convert to rasters. Here is my code: import arcpy import os arcpy.env.workspace =r'F:\Shorelas' arcpy.env.overwriteOutput = True env = r'F:\...
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Specifying LAS dataset filters in ArcGIS ModelBuilder?

I'm trying to create a tool in the ArcMap ModelBuilder to extract a canopy height raster from LiDAR data. I need to create rasters for ground elevation and first return. I've got my LAS dataset, and ...
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Converting a .lasd (Lidar) coordinate system?

How can one change a coordinate system for a .lasd (Lidar) dataset? The file is currently in UTM_Zone_15N and I am trying to convert it to IL_East.
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