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Free open source software for compression of LiDAR .las files in .laz

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Laspy - Laszip & TypeError

I'm having some issues with Laspy and reading in .laz files. Previously I have had no problem with this, but it has stopped working. Initially I had a problem with the following error message: "laspy....
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Further compression of LiDAR data besides LASZip

I am looking for a way to compress files other than LASZip that may make the files a bit more smaller, is there an efficient way to do this? Would zipping up a LAZ file further compress the file? Or ...
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Saving LAZ files to different location from input (LAS) files? [duplicate]

All of the command line examples I'm seeing show how to create LAZ files in the same folder as the LAS files, e.g.: C:\Folder\tools>laszip F:\Folder\LAS_points\*.las Unfortunately, I don't have ...
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error: Compression support not enabled in liblas configuration

I am using liblas 1.8.1 and laszip 3.1.1 on Mac OS High Sierra. Both were installed using brew install <package>. I am looking to get information from a laz file using the following command: ...
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Can't open LASzip GUI on Windows 10?

I am new to liDAR and trying to extract some .laz files to .las. It seems that this should be a pretty straightforward process in Windows using the LASzip GUI, however I am not able to open the ...
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Installing LASzip in Ubuntu?

I have tried without any success to install LASzip¹ ² (paper by Isenburg about LASzip) on Ubuntu 16.04. The basic way gave me nothing relevant: ./configure && make & checkinstall which ...
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Converting LiDAR files from LAZ to LAS format

I'm trying to convert LiDAR files from the LAZ format (the compressed version) into LAS (the uncompressed version) using LASzip software. However, I am not really sure how it works. I created a new ...
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