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Files containing CRS are shown to miss CRS and BASEGEOCRS in QGIS 3.22 and up

I am using QGIS 3.22.11 and/or 3.28.7 and have an issue which I believe is corrupted files in the CRS section. Also in the project selection, there seem to be issues with the WTK files itself. I have ...
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0 answers

Deleting layer with its source in QGIS 3

When I remove a layer, I usually don't need the source anymore either. If now using the QGIS remove layer... command, the layer, of course, is gone, but the source file remains in the data and has to ...
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2 answers

Use OpenTopoMap with openLayers 3

In my website, I wish to display a map with few markers of historicals points from a geoJson file. I start with openlayers 3 api and all is ok, it works. For the moment I use the OpenStreepMap map ...
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Export multiple layers in ArcMap 10.1 and change each layer's source to exported data

A client has requested the MXD and relevant data for a particular map. The file contains over 40 layers across multiple data frames and references multiple geodatabases and shapefiles. Is there a ...
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2 answers

Watershed layers with names for each one for Europe or Sweden?

I am working on freshwater species and I would like, make a list of each watersheds used for each species. So I am looking for a watershed maps which contain name of the watershed. I found some good ...
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4 answers

Looking for a good online map with rivers [closed]

Is there any internet map source (zoomable, tiled, i.e. "google like") with good display of rivers? I.e. well labelled even on larger scales? So that I'm for example able to track Danube ...
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2 answers

Programmatically determining if layer supports query capability via ArcGIS Server REST API?

I am using ArcGIS Server 9.3.1 SP 1. I want to be able to determine the capabilities of each published layer, specifically I am looking for all layers with query capabilities. Being familiar with ...
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