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OS Maps API – WMTS map (EPSG:27700), Point and Route layers fail to draw

Can anyone help a Nube? I'm learning OpenLayers using OS Maps. I am using WMTS(EPSG:27700) projection. The OS map displays, however, point and route layers do not, although I have successfully got ...
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QGIS importing CSV files only as attribute tables, although they contain coordinates in the right format

I've got an issue importing CSV files to QGIS 3.12 Bucuresti and/or 3.4 Madeira. Months ago I created a point distribution map for several species with several CSV files containing geographical data. ...
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ArcGIS GeoPackage ArcMap Drawing Error [closed]

I am trying to understand the meaning of this error. I created spatial data using the sf package in R and wrote out the data as a GeoPackage (i.e. a .gpkg). However, whenever I add the data into ...
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Disappearing polygons when zooming in QGIS 3.0

I am using QGIS 3.0 and loaded a polygon layer from a shapefile containing more than 300,000 polygons. When zooming in some polygons are not drawn (not the entire layer).
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ArcMap Drawing Error One or More Layers Failed to Draw?

I am running ArcMap 10.3.1 on a 2014 MacBook Pro, Windows 10 via Bootcamp. I downloaded a cartographic shapefile off of the US Census Bureau: Urban Areas --- Adding the ...
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Geoserver, Arc 10 or Windows 7 problem?

I wonder if you can help me resolve a problem. I have given access to a WMS served up through Geoserver to various members of staff and it works fine on Arc 10 running on Windows XP. However I get an ...
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