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Questions tagged [leading-zero]

are zeros (0) used to fill a field that do not increase the numerical value of the data, e.g. for 5: 05, 005, etc.

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Importing several CSV files without losing leading zeros from OS NGR into QGIS

I have ten CSVs that I need to import, in order to turn them into geopackages/shapefiles so I can edit the attribute tables etc etc. The ten files have a combined total of about 15000 entries. Each ...
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Preserving leading zeroes in ArcGIS Pro

I have a series of numbers that need to be formatted as xxx-xxxx, with leading zeroes preserved when applicable. For example, I need make sure 025-5632 is not reformatted as 25-5632. I found in the &...
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Making new field with formatted values without leading zeros in QGIS

I have a field called "Kiinteistotunnus". The values ​​are of the form 73499900010025. The values ​​should be split into parts in style 734-999-0001-0025. But what should I do if I want ...
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How to update column values starting with zero in MapInfo Pro

When I choose the Update Column function in MapInfo Pro 12.5, if I type in rowid*50 it will make intervals of 50 which is all fine, but how do I get the first column to be zero and then update the ...
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Fomat Widget Expressions in QGIS

I want something basic; like I do in excel or access. The user enters a value and excel formats it. If it's a phone number and I want it in '####-#######' format; or if it is a number and I want to ...
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Adding leading zeros to string value in QGIS [duplicate]

I have a "field" with string values like field new field 3 0003 5 0005 22 0022 999 0999 What is the right expression for the QGIS Field calculator to get a 4-character string-field ...
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Removing leading zero from string in QGIS

How can I in QGIS through Expression calculator remove leading zeroes i.e. the 0 leading from a string? Original_Value New_Value 09 9 0150 150 09850 9850 054a23 54a23 5837 5837 Something like ...
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Coordinates with leading zeros ignored in QGIS [closed]

I am using Irish national Grid (EPSG: 29902) with X and Y coordinates. Some coordinates start with leading '0's. Example: X= 081800 Y=339700. When imported in to QGIS, the leading zero of the ...
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3 votes
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Keeping leading zeroes in QGIS in big files

I am trying to load a file with many columns into QGIS. With both .txt and .csv format the leading zeroes of some data values get lost. However, I need the leading zeroes to merge the file with a map. ...
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Getting ArcGIS to include leading zeros in text field

I am entering characters in a text field that is essentially a 5 number "ID". I need leading zeros to be included in the value, but every time I enter or calculate the field, the leading ...
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2 answers

Map places with ZIP codes that have leading zeros using CartoDB

I have a large set of data that has several places on the East coast that have leading Zeros in the ZIP. How do I map these when leading zeros are automatically removed?
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2 answers

Removing leading zeroes (0) when labelling in ArcGIS Desktop

I am trying to do a simple labelling exercise however bit confused how to on how to remove unwanted '0' values. I have field with road number displayed like: 0000647, 000652, 0000000236 I would like ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Removing zeros in string at different places with QGIS Field Calculator

I'd like to take the values from the "MAP_PAR_ID" attribute and populate a new field without zeros (including leading zeros) in that field, e.g.: MAP_PAR_ID New_Field 0160011000 16-11 ...
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How to format labels with leading zeroes?

I'm trying to display a number next to a symbol in QGIS 2.0.1 - The numbers are from an integer-field in a PostgreSQL database. The goal is that single digit numbers get a leading 0 (zeros). Examples: ...
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3 answers

Converting numeric fields into strings with leading zeros

I'm trying to define an action in QGIS using on of my fields but I have some problems with its format. I have a numeric string like '5' and I need to have a format like '005'. I've tried function ...
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Adding "0" to front of all values in column using ArcGIS Field Calculator

In ArcInfo 10.1 I have a table for each state with Zip Code values. The 5-digit Zip Codes that start with "0" have been reduced to 4-digits. I cannot figure out how to add a "0" to ...
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Concatenating numbers and adding in leading zeros

I have three text fields populated as follows: 1, 9, 1 that I need to concatenate into a field that looks like 01.09.01. Getting to 1.9.1 is easy but can anyone help out with how to formulate it so ...
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