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An Open-Source JavaScript Library for Mobile-Friendly Interactive Maps

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How to pull lat/lng from a map canvas and update a database

So if i want to pull out lat/lngs after user clicks on a map canvas (lat/lngs are pulled using any javascript API (leaflet, wax etc.) and add this to a postgresql database using a query, how do i do ...
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How to configure custom scale in Leaflet?

I have a custom WMS tileset generated using ESRI ArcGIS Server. I have successfully configured an OpenLayers page to display this basemap. The code is as follows: var map = new OpenLayers.Map('map',...
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MySQL to GeoJSON - Formatting Issue

I'm trying to make a select on a mysql table and then write it out to a geojson file. I'm getting close but there are a few issues. Here's what I have so far: <?php require("dbinfo.php"); // ...
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How do you convert OSM XML to geojson?

I want to take the XML output of a Xapi query and display it using leaflet or polymaps. How can I do that? Is there an easy way to convert XML to geojson
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Pick object by properties (and centre on it)

I have a Leaflet map with a Cloudmade base layer and a single layer of polygons. Each of these polygons has a reference number attached as a property. I would like to select a reference number from a ...
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Does Leaflet provide Geocoding service?

I am considering the replacement of Google Maps with Open Street Maps and the Leaflet JS API. Does the Leaflet JS API provide a Geocoding service?
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Leaflet, defining a specific region for a canvas to draw upon

Using leaflet, you can draw on a given map by adding a Canvas layer. Some instructions are given here, var canvasTiles = new L.TileLayer....
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How to change Leaflet Map panes layering order (z-index)?

Leaflet maintains that the Map panes elements contain all layers added to the map. The difference between many of the Map panes is strictly the z-index order of layering. I would like to use a ...
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3 votes
1 answer

How to save a Leaflet or OpenLayers map for opening later?

Can a webmap state be saved to a text file or something for restoring later? Like if I set up a map with a particular zoom and choose my layers and draw a polygon or two, can it be saved to a file and ...
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What server and API to use for displaying complex polygons with dynamic symbology?

Background I need to interface a map into an existing website which allows the user to query a database and which currently results in a table listing population statistics per county. For example, ...
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3 answers

Creating a Bing and Google Tile Layer for Leaflet

I want to use the Leaflet Javascript Library to display both a Google and Bing Tile Layer, though I'm unsure how to construct the url. The documentation shows an example using OSM: var cloudmadeUrl = ...
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16 votes
2 answers

How can I make a polyline wrap around the world?

I am using leaflet maps to create a representation of a round-the-world challenge. I would like to add a polyline which heads east from tokyo and then appears west of south america on the map - but ...
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18 votes
5 answers

How to Create Animated Cluster Markers in OpenLayers/Leaflet?

I want to use Leaflet due to the smooth transitions which Openlayers seems like they can't match. I specifically require the ability to cluster markers with custom styled marker groups. The best ...'s user avatar
60 votes
7 answers

Creating Vector Polygons with rendering performance like GISCloud?

I have been looking for a solid solution which would allow me to create a web map and overlay vector polygons without taking forever to load such data with the goal of allowing me to make each polygon ...'s user avatar
15 votes
4 answers

Seeking Open Source alternatives to Google's StreetView engine? [closed]

I am looking to create an open source javascript app using either Leaflet or OpenLayers. Is there any way to implement panoramic views (similar to Google's StreetView) into either of these, or any ...
14 votes
3 answers

How to get Leaflet interactivity from Geoserver WMS?

I have geoserver serving shapefiles as a WMS into Leaflet. I'd like to add interativity that shows a popup with WMS attributes in the Leaflet map when the user hovers over or clicks on a WMS feature. ...
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Converting ArcGIS Server JSON to GeoJSON?

I'm creating a web map using Leaflet, and I want to be able to grab feature layers from our ArcServer. I have successfully been able to retrieve a feature class as JSON, but Esri's JSON objects don't ...
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