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Interpreting log likelihood in a spatial panel model in R

Calculating a spatial panel model in R using the splm package: library(splm) library(spdep) #> Loading required package: sp #> Loading required package: spData #> Loading required package: sf ...
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0 answers

Maximum Likelihood Classification fails every time

I'm trying to do image classification on a composit satellite image raster, it has 7 bands and every process I try fails. I'm following a guide. In the training sample manager I have 6 classes (...
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2 answers

Error Executing Maximum Likelihood Tool

I am attempting to create Supervised Land Cover classification maps using the classes (Mangrove, Non-Mangrove, Barren, Urban, and Water) for four period of interests (1988, 2000, 2017 and 2020) using ...
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Maximum Likelihhod Classification - Error 010108 and Error 010067

I'm trying to run a supervised classification on a Landsat8 multi-band raster in ArcMap. Every time I run the classification, it returns Error 010108 and Error 010067. The 010108 error says The number ...
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