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Questions tagged [liss-iv]

LISS-IV is a three-band pushbroom camera of LISS-III heritage (same spectral VNIR bands as LISS-III) with a spatial resolution of 5.8 m and a swath of 70 km.

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Error during FLAASH Atmospheric Correction

I am trying to carry out Atmospheric Correction for LISS4 data using FLAASH. Since LISS4 is not available in the sensor list of ENVI, I have made the filter function file using the spectral builder ...
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Solving color correction of LISS IV Multispectral image

I have a LISS IV multispectral images (radiometric resolution of 10 bit per pixel) taken in different months 4 tile in January and 2 tiles taken in February. While mosaicing, I got a different color ...
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