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QGIS plugin that, based on several filters, recursively loads vector and raster layers stored in a directory structure.

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Need to Quickly Add Multiple Layers From Multiple Folders To QGIS Project

I have downloaded several imagery Zip files (content of each is jp2, jpg, jpw, xml, htm, and .dbf, .prj, .sbn, .sbx, .shp, .shx) and would like to quickly add this imagery to my working project in ...
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Loading multiple CSV files into QGIS 2.10

How can I load multiple CSV files into QGIS with Longitude/Latitude already included in it. I downloaded the "Load Them All" plug-in, however, the result loaded was converted as text files ...
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Loading multiple shapefiles from +1000 subfolders

I have a WATERBODY shapefile for each region within each province in Canada. The region subfolders also contain many other features that I do not need. I am trying to upload and merge all the ...
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Loading directory of JSON files with PyQGIS

I'm trying to load a directory of JSON files into QGIS 3.x They all have the same prefix of 'land'. My code to target all the files starts with: # 1. import glob library import glob # 2. Targets ...
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Python error message using QGIS "load them all" plugin

I have many thousands of shapefiles organized into folders for residential neighborhoods (state/city/neighborhood). I installed "load them all" plugin but get a python error message. An error ...
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