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3D interpolation visualization with ArcGIS Pro

I would like to use the result of a global polynomial interpolation as a base for visualizing a 3D model in the local scene view in ArcGIS Pro, but I always get back a flat layer in the local scene ...
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Exporting 3D surface from ArcGIS Pro

Using ArcGIS Pro 3.1.1, I created a 3D terrain surface mainly using the steps outlined here: Created new map project Added ...
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Resolution (?) changes when zooming in local scene ArcGIS Pro

I've made a polygon feature with varying Z-values on the different vertices. It's based on sea level changes in different areas, and I intend to display elevated shorelines in a larger region. The ...
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3D rainfall rendering

The following link shows how to render rainfall in a 3D scene using JavaScript in ArcGIS API. I don't have any experience using ArcGIS API thus, is it possible to render precipitation and cloud cover ...
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Assigning local CRS to space telescope imagery? [closed]

Since the new images became available from the James Webb space telescope (, I want to test some of my favorite classification, segmentation, and ...
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Placing a label above a feature in 3D/Scene using ArcGIS Pro

Is it possible (using ArcGIS Pro, 2.5.1) to manually or by derived extrusion (i.e. from a DTM) set the height of a label to sit/float above a feature? I see you can use an extrusion but that requires ...
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Object in webscene layer gets jagged when processing complete model

After converting a Revit model to a WebScene I see some edges are jagged: Where the edges in the original are sharp: When this jagged part of the model is processed separately the results are as ...
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Recording coordinates of Scene view in ArcGIS Pro

I am teaching my GIS class this year using ArcGIS Pro 2.0. Some of the lessons involve using 3D scenes. Is there a way for me to direct my students to a specific view of a scene for me to visually ...
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Do map series work with 3D scenes in ArcGIS Pro?

In ArcGIS Pro 1.2, I added a map frame containing a scene to a layout and found out the "Map Series" button (in the "page setup" group on the "layout" tab) was grayed out. Do scene/3d and map series ...
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Using raster as 3D layer in ArcGIS Pro

I am trying to use ArcGIS Pro to create a 3D scene using an elevation surface (.tif) generated from drone imagery. The tif is projected and contains the elevation information, but I cannot get ArcGIS ...
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Switching scene mode between Global and Local in ArcGIS Pro

From its online help: ArcGIS Pro includes two viewing modes for scenes: Global mode—This is used for large extent, real-world content where the curvature of the earth is an important ...
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