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Calculation using exp() function in raster calculator of QGIS fails

I have been trying to use this expression in the QGIS raster calculator: 1 / (1 + exp(-(β0 + β1 * RasterX1 + β2 * RasterX2 + ... + βn * RasterXn))) The above expression has been replaced with the ...
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How to account for the No Data values assigned to a raster data? It is creating error while doing Logistic Regression in TerrSet

I am trying to perform a logistic regression using the LogisticReg function in TerrSet. I have one dependent variable the pixel values in which are 0 and 1. But when I am trying to import this raster ...
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Run a Geographically Weighted Logistic Regression in R

I have the following data set containing socioeconomic variables: > glimpse(df) Rows: 730,099 Columns: 9 $ id <int> 25500, 25501, 25502, 25503, 25504, 25505, 25506, 25507, 25508, 25509, ...
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Setting up Generalized Linear Regression in ArcGIS Pro

I am analyzing a series of old canals and I am trying to make the case that these are tied to certain physical characteristics (soil, slope, etc) in the watershed. To check wether or not my hypothesis ...
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Mantel correlogram outside of the range [-1,1] [closed]

I want to represent the correlogram from the package ncf of the working residual my_glm$residual of logistic regression my_glm from glm function. When I represented it, I got a strange output that the ...
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0 answers

Geographic scale of model and covariate significance using ArcGIS Spatial Analyst and R?

A few months back I created a spatial logistic regression model of terrestrial skunk rabies in Arizona/Colorado/New Mexico/Utah. A link to the project can be found here (
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Create presence/absence (0/1) rasters for every value in categorical raster in R?

I am conducting a logistic regression analysis of spatial data for a project using STAN MCMC within R. The regression analysis itself is done, but now I need a way to apply the parameter estimates for ...
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