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Questions tagged [macro]

QGIS Python macro which can be executed when a project is opened, saved and/or closed.

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QGIS 3: Set custom project variables with input dialog

I am using QGIS 3.10.0 and Windows 10. I have a project where I want the user to define custom project variables. I want to make this user friendly, I don't want the user to need to open the project ...
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Python macro code to read variable values from external setup file at QGIS startup

I am working 100% parallel on a number of different geographic locations with all location data stored in identical parallel folders. So I am using exactly the same QGIS project file with relative ...
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QGIS3 copying field values from virtual to static field in Python

I want to store values from a virtual field to a static field (the file will be used externally and I need those calculated values from the virtual field hard coded). My idea was to write a python ...
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