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Is there any tool or somehow to make a OpenStreetMap editor which can manage multi layer in it?

I need to build a web application that could draw, edit, import, export,.. map using OSM data. In that, I could add layers and manage like tree form. The layer can be toggled on/off on the map to edit....
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Construct points - orientation problem

I am having problems with the Editor function "construct points" in ArcGIS. If I select the line where I want to construct the points, the direction of the points is not correct. The orientation ...
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Add point on the editor toolbar is not available to click on? [closed]

I have created a new shapefile, I chose a coordinate system and enabled the editor. When I now start editing and choose the new shapefile I created, it is not available to me to click add a new point. ...
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JS errors on cartoDB map editor - tracker.js

When editing my map in the CartoDB interface the page breaks with errors - see screenshot. Any ideas how to resolve this? tracker.js:14cartodb/table/views/tooltip/custom_templates/infowindow_light ...
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1 vote
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How to stop QGIS auto snapping new poly lines as they are being created?

Im creating a polyline based data set which involves digistising around a large amount of street outlines. Is there a way to stop QGIS from auto snapping the new polyline section to a straight ahead ...
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4 answers

OpenStreetMap Style Editor besides Mapbox TileMill and CloudMade

I'm looking for an online OSM style editor that lets me style OSM ways and nodes by tags. I know CloudMade's editor is no longer available, and Mapbox's does this but has zoom level rendering limits (...
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2 answers

How can I edit gpx tracks, property timestamp and waypoints?

I want to reconstruct the historical movements of a military regiment. I am looking for a publisher, in the end I wish a gpx file. A priori there is full, yet I find none that corresponds: I need to ...
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2 votes
1 answer

ArcGIS JS api - how to hide attributes editor when new graphic is added

I use ArcGIS Javascript api in 3.12 version. I have followed this sample in order to display editing toolbar plus template picker. It works pretty good. However I would like to hide popup window with ...
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Create css Flex Module Edition

I would like to change the style of the component Flex Edition . The functionality is what I need but I find too much space it occupies such module for which I would like to make changes to style ...
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How to find if ArcMap raised error during edit session?

I have a class extended IExtension and inside this class I catch OnCreate, OnDelete and OnChanged and OnStopEditing events of Editor object of ArcMap. However I need to know if ArcMap has raised any ...
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3 answers

Is there a decent open source map-editor?

I would like to have an open source map editor for drawing a city map? I don't want to use OpenStreetMap. It will be a custom map project. I don't need an advanced GIS system, but a simple map-editor,...
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7 votes
5 answers

What datastructure is a good choice for objects in a map-editor?

I am planning to implement a map-editor. But I don't really know what data structure is a good choice for storing the map-object in. When the user pans (scrolls) the map, there will be much looking ...
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