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Questions tagged [map-index]

a reference system, typically a grid but not always, for refering to specific areas of a map; ie 'this area on page 14' or 'this feature located at C4 (column/row)'

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2 answers

Index TAB for large raster files

I received a batch of aerial images along with an index file that essentially tells me which aerial image covers each 20x20km tile. Can I also create this type of index TAB through MapInfo?
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How to create a grid for a specific area and scale? [duplicate]

I have a municipal boundary with parcels that I need broken down into smaller maps to better view the parcels. My client wants each smaller map at a scale of 1:10,000. I plan to used data driven ...
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Creating a table of multiple rows and columns from attribute table

I am trying to create a street index a City. I have a table that has all the street names and their grid references. I am looking to create a street index using that. I think turning off the undesired ...
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Custom sort index for Data Driven Pages?

I am creating maps of underground utilities using DDP with a grid layers as my index layer. Each grid shows a segment of the run. The pages must be generated in an order that maintains the continuous ...
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How to fit index report into ArcMap layout?

I want to fit report into map. I'm creating grid and in order to index it I'm creating report. View > Create Report. It gives me a new window that includes texts. I want to fit texts for index points ...
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Creating index layer for multiple maps in ArcGIS Desktop?

I am trying to create an index layer of just the area within the Orange lines. I am having difficulty creating this layer due to it not being a simple box area. The goal is to create a index layer, ...
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5 answers

Creating grid to divide large map into smaller sections using ArcGIS for Desktop?

I have a map of small remnants of forest along creeks for an entire county in California. I need to divide the whole map into equal sections so I can print it so you can actually see the sections of ...
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