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The ground unit of measurement in which coordinates of spatial data are stored.

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Can not change map unit while trying to use unknown spatial reference

I am using ArcGIS Pro 3.0.2. Whenever I add a new map to my project, the spatial reference of the map is set to Web Mercator by default [which should be none]. I want to set the map coordinate system ...
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Updating symbol size units from mm to map units in rule-based symbology in QGIS

I have a quite complex rule-based symbology that is currently using millimetres as size units. All third levels look the same, they just have different parents. Is there a way to change symbol size ...
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Is it possible to have a combination of horizontal and vertical CRSs with different distance unit systems?

For example, please consider a combination of EPSG:6360 (NAVD88 height (ftUS)) as vertical CS and EPSG:6596 (NAD83(2011) / Washington North(metre)) as horizontal CS. These two CRSs have different ...
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Correlating mol/m^2 with ton and lb? [closed]

How do I compare tropospheric_NO2_column_number_density(mol/m^2) of Sentinel-5p with EPA statewide emission data which unit is Ton or lb? Goal: My goal is to compare remote sensing no2 emission ...
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Interpreting meter values of extent using ArcGIS Pro?

I am using ArcGIS Pro application to create a map and add a single polygon feature class onto the map. As shown below, I use bold polyline to outline the boundary of the polygon and click "zoom to ...
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Setting label settings in PyQGIS 3 to mapUnits?

I am converting several Plugins from QGIS 3 and I am struggling heavily with symbology and labeling. The straightforwart QGIS 2 approach seems to be totally gone. I found some help here: Reading and ...
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Saving Style as SLD in QGIS but after reloading unit changes from map units to pixel?

I have a style I am saving in QGIS (2.18) as an SLD. After reloading the Style onto the layer the ouline width changes to pixels instead of map units. I even checked the .sld in notepad and the uom-...
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Convert .mdb file shape area and length units to meter with Qgis

I have a personal geodatabase file (.mdb file), I open it with QGIS Las Palmas on windows 7. It is displayed perfect, but when I open table attributes for polygons, shape_area and shape_length have an ...
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How map unit affects the caption size in the label in QGIS?

I tried to make a the label caption size adjusted relatively to the map scale. It worked, more or less, when I set the size into map unit. I set them to 0.1, and when I zoom out the caption size get ...
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Change map unit for focal statistics

I have around 1000 GPS Points and want to calculate the average value of Night lights, within a 10 km radius in ArcGis. My first approach was to do this with buffers, but a lot of polygons overlap and ...
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QGIS and "map units"

I am a newbie, I think I'm pretty resourceful, but I cannot figure out, or find out by searches, just what "map units" are in QGIS as compared to "decimal degrees". For example I can only navigate by ...
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Is there any option in QGIS to draw parallel lines that snap on the outside part of the line (adjacent lines) that are independent from scale?

I have to draw a map of a public bus transport network and i have a problem in the avenues where a lot of lines passes by. My objective is to make a visual map where the lines in those avenues are ...
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Changing units project wide from 'Millimeter' to 'Map Units'

All my units in my project are in millimeter. But I would like to switch all units to map units at once without clicking every single signature. I also would like to have the possibility to directly ...
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Choosing CRS to use for South Africa that will give map scale in meters in QGIS?

This has been a constant source of frustration for me. I can't seem to always get my map scale in meters in QGIS, even if I use a CRS that has map units of meters, e.g. Alberts Equal Area and others. ...
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How to change Linear Units

I have an ESRI feature class whose coordinates are 38.263, -122.672 Meters. When I load it into a data frame that uses the GCS_NAD_1983_NSRS2007 datum and the ...
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Coordinate Reference System with units in meters for central Germany?

I found several questions in regard of reprojecting data into a CRS with unit of meters and what CRS to use. Usually the counter question is, "for what region, on what scale" and there the discussions ...
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Connecting vector label size with map-units?

I have a working application of labels to a point array - but the size of the text is not relative to the map scale. This decreases the readability of labels when panning and zooming. To resolve~ ...
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How to change DXF unit by Python 2.6

I have a bunch of DXF files to import into ArcGIS 10 but they are all in mm. However I need to change the unit to Meter and to do this I have to open AutoCAD to do it each time. Can anyone help to ...
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Customizing Distance Units in ArcGIS Desktop?

Is it possible to add custom distance units (ex. varas) to ArcGIS Desktop 10 so that they can be used when inputting distances in Editor and COGO tools? I often work with deeds that reference ...
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Changing Data Frame display units in ArcMap?

Last week, in ArcMap 10, I went to View -> Data Frame Properties... -> General tab to change the data frame map display units from Decimal Degrees to Degrees Decimal Minutes. (the Map Units were still ...
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