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Add Vector Tiles (Mapbox Vector Tiles) to QGIS

How to add this Vector Tile URL (Mapbox Vector Tiles) to QGIS?{z}/{y}/{x}?f=mvt I tried Layer -> Add Layer -> Add ...
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Access MVT attributes in QGIS' expression builder

I have an MVT layer, where each feature has a "color_index" attribute. I see the attribute when I click a feature and view its info window: presumably these attributes are accessible ...
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Unexpected latitude error when decoding ST_AsMVTGeom geometries

I am trying to decode latitude from the MVT tiles with the minimal latitudal error. Somehow, the closer latitude to the poles, the bigger the error. Using PostGIS, this query generates a list of tile ...
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Mapbox vector tile source from more tilesets, or layer with more sources?

I have a huge amount of data to generate into vector tiles, but only the same 10% is changing in the tilesets. The data type is the same, so i cannot separate it into different layers because it would ...
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How to convert vector tile grid to geographic coordinates

I have decoded the mvt data using mapbox_vector_tile and it returns json. The coordinates are specified as: coordinates":[[1881,445],[1881,446],[1882,445]..... ]. And the extent is 4096. Is it ...
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Handling large geospatial datasets for dynamic WebGIS application with PostGIS, Mapbox

I'm developing a WebGIS application that displays snow depth data for ski slopes using PostGIS, Mapbox, and Martin. My workflow is as follows: Process LiDAR data to produce GeoTIFFs of snow depth. ...
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Using the Maputnik style editor to create MapBox/MapLibre style for GeoServer mapbox vector tiles served in custom projection

I tried following even if my goal is not to create a server side style to limit visibility but ...
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how to export mapbox studio style to vector tiles?

I created a map style in Mapbox Studio. Using{userid}/{styleid}/tiles/256/{z}/{x}/{y}@2x?access_token={access_token}, I can put the raster tiles on my leaflet-react ...
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400: Problem communicating with GeoServer

I have loaded at GeoServer some layers in Mapbox vectortiles. It seems that they show well in the web viewer but there are many errors in the console. If I put the URL in the browser shows "400: ...
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Change minimum zoom level of poi-label Native Layer of Mapbox

I'm currently working on a project that requires us to utilize the "poi-label" native layer of mapbox.mapbox-streets-v8 tileset of Mapbox. Currently, I've noticed that only a few POIs from ...
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Slow performance of ST_AsMVT for huge PostGIS database

I am fetching MVT tiles from a PostGIS database in combination with pg_tileserve. When fetching tiles from a fairly small dataset (some 10000 features) this works quite performant. But when fetching ...
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NetCDF format to vector tiles

I am new to GIS area. Currently, I have NetCDF file and want to convert it to Vector Tiles. I tried to use GeoServer extension for this, but it has limited flexibility on what I want. I have come ...
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Different response from GeoServer for WMS and vector tile data in OpenLayers

I have made a GeoServer basemap in WMS, and now I want to create a similar vectortile service - using GeoServer 2.20.0 and the vector-tiles plugin. Problem is that I get different outputs from ...
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