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MAPS.ME is a free, open-source mobile app that provides offline maps based on OpenStreetMap data.

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What projection / coordinate system are used for

I need to import data into but since I assume there is not OTF reprojection, I need to know the CRS I must use. Any ideas or suggestions?
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Integrating shapefile into

I'd just like to add some GIS layers, such as shapefiles in the app. Has someone already done it?
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Upload waypoints to OpenStreetMap

I want to upload waypoints recorded in the App onto for further editing. Already tried: Export from to .kml then conversion to .gpx with QGIS (second try with ...
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Edit styleUrl of point KML file in QGIS

I have exported a file from as a KML and want to edit the style in QGIS and then export it back to It is possible to edit the styleUrl in the raw KML-file, then save the changes and ...
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Multigeometry relations to single geometries, through Overpass-Turbo to KML

I'm trying to extract relations from Openstreetmap, using the Overpass-Turbo service, saving as a KML-file to be viewed on a suitable mobile phone App. I need the resulting KML to have simple ...
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Routing by means of OpenStreetMap with Qt and

I'm following the steps on this page: When I run this line "omim/tools/unix/...
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499 views working with own OSM server?

I have my own OSM server which is updating every few minutes in shyncrony with OSM original servers, using a PostGIS database and rendering with renderd. I can see offline downloaded maps through an ...
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