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The mapsforge project provides free and open software for the rendering of maps based on OpenStreetMap data. Currently, offers a library for ad-hoc map rendering on Android devices and in Java stand-alone applications.

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0 answers

Mapsforge .map output from QGIS

Is there any way to output Mapsforge .map-files from QGIS? I am trying to create a map to be displayed by OruxMaps, and Mapsforge seems to be the best format to use but I am not an expert. Currently I ...
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Convert .osm/.pbf to .map for mapsforge

I have download latest version (0.46) of osmosis from and mapsforge-map-writer-0.9.1.jar from
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Conversion of files to Mapsforge *.map format [closed]

I am a complete newbie and not a cartographer. I organize off-road events such as 4X4 trail rides, biking events and running events. Many of these trails/event maps have been created in different ...
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MapsForge render theme with coloured hiking trail

I am looking for mapsforge render theme which displays hiking trails colours based on their waymarks colours (for example like on this server I have found a lot of themes that ...
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Graphhopper No-go areas routing

I am creating a simple offline navigation app in android. I have camera information(coordinates and range) and i would like to navigate the routes to avoid being caught on cameras. I have seen great ...
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Converting mapsforge .map file to OSM or shp

I have found solution for converting OSM file into .map file but is there a way for converting .map file back to osm or shp or any other well-known vector file type? by .map file i mean mapsforge ....
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mapsforge highway names disappear at lower zoom levels

I'm using mapsforge 0.5.1. My App rendering the map displays certain highways at particular zoom levels. For example, it displays k="highway" v="primary" at zoom=13 and above. However it refuses to ...
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Rendering local osm files android dev

I'm development an android app for navigate inside the university campus, it's my graduation project :). I did the campus map with Josm, now I have it in .osm I found many libraries and frameworks ...
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Osmosis plugin map-writer doesn't exist

I need to create my own mapsforge map file... My system is Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS I've installed osmosis via apt Since link in official documentation is not working i've found plugin file here and ...
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How to convert from .SHP to .MAP for mapsforge?

We are using mapsforge, a Java component for Android. This component use a proprietary format file (.map) that can be download from OpenStreetMap (OSM). I need to use .shp maps, so I want to know how ...
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