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Questions tagged [mapublisher]

Use for questions about the MAPublisher software from Avenza Systems for Adobe Illustrator

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Paths not matching on map, while they do in Illustrator

I'm quite a newcomer when it comes to map data. I have an Illustrator map, drawn by myself, with different polygons (regions, country, ...). In Illustrator I know 100% that the region and country line ...
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Bezier curves imported with 64bit MAPublisher become angular?

The bezier curves in ArcGIS (10.4.1) become angular when I import them with 64bit MAPublisher 9.8 in Illustrator (CC2015) Are there any settings to fix this? .
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Does Avenza MAPublisher update a shapefile if it has been edited in another application (e.g. ArcMap)?

I have imported a shapefile of trails into Adobe Illustrator using the MAPublisher plugin. Then I edited that shapefile in ArcMap. Is there a way to re-link to that file so that the Illustrator ...
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How to use custom offline map in iOS app [closed]

I'm developing an iPhone offline map application. I've illustrator map georeferenced (using mapublisher), have geodatabase ( and parking data (shp/csv). Requirements: The map ...
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How to add geospatial info to an existing PDF?

I work with a small non-profit mountain bike trail advocacy organizationand as a result have created a number of PDF-based maps. These are all Mercator projection, built off of OpenStreetMap data, and ...
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Transferring annotations from ArcMap to MAPublisher?

I'm collaborating with a designer who's using Avenza MAPublisher, while I'm using ArcMap Basic. We're still figuring out where the handover between GIS and Illustrator will be. Can I create labels or ...
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How to bring georeferenced raster data into MAPublisher?

What is the appropriate method to import a georeferenced raster image into MAPublisher? I have been able to import other forms of map data, and created map views and such for them, but I am now ...
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