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Converting a Maputnik JSON style to a mapnik XML stylesheet

I have a Mapbox JSON map style generated by Maputnik, and I want to use it for an OpenStreetMap tile renderer with Mapnik. Is it possible to convert the JSON style to a XML stylesheet for Mapnik? I ...
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Adding Bing satellite images to maputnik

I am trying to generate an style using some tiles allocated in Mapbox and some aerial image form Bing, but cannot see how to add these satellite images to maputnik. The aim is to create a style which ...
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Is it possible to use two filters on one layer in maputnik

I'm using Maputnik and thunderforest to create a map layout and I want to show the English labels of a city only if they do not match with the original name of the city AND if there is an original ...
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Custom Style.json and Vector tiles loading but sprites not appearing in Maputnik

I have a custom tile server and custom sprites that I'm trying to add in Maputnik. I've added a symbol layer but I can't get the sprites to show up. I know the tiles are loading and working because if ...
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Maputnik with custom tile server (auth)

I have a private vector tile server with authentication in place, at the moment I am trying to set up a solution to generate my own styles for mapbox-gl-js. While investigating options I found ...
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How do I reference Source-Layer in a pg_tileserv service?

this is the first time i'm trying to style a vectortile-service so i might be thinking completely wrong, but .... I have set up a pg_tileserv that shows all geometries. when I then want to specify the ...
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Maputnik: iso_a2 filter

I'd like to show place labels (cities and towns) only for the one country. Is it possible to achieve this in Maputnik editor? I'm looking for something like Mapbox "iso_3166_1" parameter. I'...
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