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Questions tagged [mashup]

in this context, to create a map from multiple data sources of different data types and themes, for a purpose not originally intended.

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How to use AJAX request to filter WFS data?

I want to create a mash-up that shows sites in Italy on a basemap. With the AJAX call I want to include the number of earthquakes within a certain distance to each site. I want to use the AJAX call ...
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AJAX calls for leaflet

I want to create a mash-up showing sites on a basemap as I did in the first part of my code. With the AJAX call I want to include earthquakes so that the pop-up of each site shows its name However, I ...
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Generating raster (spec. GeoTiff) out of mesh file (.ply)?

I created a mesh file using OpenDroneMap program out of 100 geotagged jpgs, and I would like to know how to generate a raster image out of the resultant .ply file? Has anyone done this? Meshlab has ...
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Arcgis JS Api mapping mashup how?

I have gis data which i can access over Arcgis Rest with Arcgis js api and i have non-gis data which i get from different db.I want to mashup this two like in this link http://www....
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How to use tiles in this strange tiling scheme?

I'm looking at cell coverage maps such as this one, and trying to figure out how to get a GIS program to use it as a source of information. Ultimately, I need to be able to combine the output with ...
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How do I mashup imagery from Gigapan?

NASA recently published this long imagery swath onto Gigapan. Is there some way to mash up imagery from Gigapan so that it displays in a web map, using one of the ArcGIS web mapping API's?
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How can I host a map service that uses an online basemap as well as my own dynamic layers?

I have a flex web application with an ArcGIS Server backend that I want to start using an online basemap for. The application includes a printing capability that prints a layout from an arcGIS map ...
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What is a "mashup"?

GIS users mix spatial data layers from an early age of GI science. What is new in the concept of "mashup"? Is it something really new, or only a trendy word?
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