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Ortho-rectifying standard non-rectified Maxar satellite imagery

For a project we received 50cm brushed up LV2A OR2A BGRN-spectre satellite imagery from Maxar. No GCP are mentioned in the metadata and at the intersection of overlapping map tiles the angle of the ...
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Add Rasters to Mosaic Dataset eliminates bands using ArcGIS Pro

I am trying to create a mosaic dataset that can have any MAXAR imagery added to it (i.e. 4 band GeoEye or 8 band WorldView-2). In order to do so, I have created a Mosaic Dataset without specifying the ...
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Extract terrain coordinates as seen from a viewpoint + FoV in a digital globe

Context Every one working with photogrammetry or 3D knows what a depth image is. For example OpenCV defines a "depth map" from a stereo pair, e.g.: where the darker a pixel is, the greater ...
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Where to buy small AOI satellite images? [closed]

I only need a 1 km^2 region VHR satellite images. On distributor cites, I could only buy whole images for > 300$ For example, Is it possible to buy only small regions?
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Satellite imagery for download

I'm new to GIS and I'd like to apply some machine learning techniques to decent-quality satellite data for making certain types of predictions. This would potentially be for commercial purposes. I'm ...
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Gdalwarp orthorectification WorldView-3 not using RPC projection properly

I have a high-resolution WorldView-3 image that I am trying to orthorectify using gdalwarp -rpc -to "RPC_DEM=dem.tif" input.tif output.tif However the output is not aligned with Bing or Google maps ...
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How to open G.L.O.B.E. DEM files from NOAA

I need to open a free GLOBE DEM. I have downloaded some tiles from:, but I don't know which software should I use in order to open those files. Is ...
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Dealing with Very Large Satellite Imagery

I'm curious if anyone has suggestions for viewing and processing really large imagery. I'm pretty experienced with desktop apps like ENVI and am comfortable with python and GDAL but I'm analyzing ...
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Digital Globe WMTS won't work in MapInfo 12.0

Digital Globe recently provide API and WMTS service to the public. I follow the instruction in the and get the token here ...
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Ingest 8-band satellite imagery into an array in C?

I’ve been unable to locate a lightweight library implemented in C to ingest 8-band geotiff files. GDAL can do this easily in python, though I’ve been unable to get the GDAL C libraries working; I’ve ...
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Google Earth historical imagery overlayed

Over the weekend something appears to have changed with the way Google Earth's historical imagery is displayed. Previously if I set the slider to e.g. 1970 then most of the map would be blurry brown ...
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Viewing Google Earth imagery dates?

I am trying to get an idea of the average most recent imagery dates of Madagascar in Google Earth. Rather than zooming in and looking at the lower corner for the imagery date, what is the best way to ...
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WorldView 3 level OR2a processing - do I have data as DNs?

I have a World View 3 image which is level Ortho Ready Standard Imagery (OR2A) processed and I wish to ascertain what this processing level means. I need to work on surface reflectance and am aware ...
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Aquisition date of digital globe imagery, Image Metadata File

It might sound strange but I can't seem to find the acquisition date of images I acquired from digital globe. In the metadata file I only find the date the images were sent to me. I am using QGIS. ...
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Is there a way to check and repair a GeoPackage GPkg file?

I have downloaded imagery in GeoPackage format from My DigitalGlobe EV which is used offline on a non-internet connected system. However the GPkg seems to be non-standard. I'm trying to load the GPkg ...
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Atmospheric correction for pansharpened imagery? [closed]

In converting DN values to radiance as well as reflectance, do we use the same equations in raw satellite imagery for pansharpened products? I saw this DigitalGlobe technical note for DN to radiance ...
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Hosting DigitalGlobe stereo imagery on GeoServer? [closed]

I have a pretty fresh install of the latest Boundless OpenGeo stack (v4.5). I have a requirement to host some stereo satellite imagery. I'm using the sample imagery over China provided by ...
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How can I create a GeoServer store from DigitalGlobe Global Basemap tiles?

I have been given data from a DigitalGlobe product called Global Basemap. I've been tasked with getting this data into a form usable by our map server, which is running GeoServer 2.4. The data did ...
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Band Issues in Quickbird Satellite data

I procure data from DigitalGlobe (Quickbird Satellite data) for different periods hence data having some different band combination. I have attached an example image to show the problem. I am looking ...
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