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Merge multiple shapefiles by feature maximum value

I need to merge multiple shape files and want the merged file to have the maximum value for each feature of a specific attribute (called DEPTH2D in the example below) What I need is exactly what it is ...
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Merged Shapefile with different Styles

QGIS Zurich 3.18.2 Need to pass on a Shapefile to A Nother. There were three Layers each with assigned Label Style (saved) as can be seen Yes I know I have a lot more work to do on the Label placement/...
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Changing field type of a shapefile

I have two polygon shapefiles that I need to merge. I applied 'Merge vector layers' tool from Data management in QGIS 3.16, but it took too long to process and I realized a message indicating that one ...
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What files needed to merge two shapefiles using QGIS?

I am trying to build a choropleth map for an assignment. This requires that I merge the shape files in the following compressed folders into a single shapefile. folder 1 folder 2 I have just ...
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Extracting part of shapefile

I try to download data from for UK. I downloaded England, Wales and Scotland shapefiles. I have also Ireland and Northern Ireland shapefile (http://download....
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Error in merge function "Erreur de géotraitement GEOS: la différence a échoué"

I am trying to merge three large shapefiles. After cleaning all the inconsistencies and artefacts, the merging of file 1 and 2 ends well, yet with the following message (sorry to be in French): L'...
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Combine GeoJSON files into bigger shapes with external JSON to merge on

I have a shapefile of New York ZCTAs here I also have these neighborhood definitions that map zip codes to New York City Boroughs. I'd like to take my "all of New York zip code" data and: Clump up ...
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Merging lines, issue

I use qgis 2.18. I've merged two lines into one with the merging tool from advanced toolset. When I cut off a small part of the line, I see the original lines again? In these two lines I have the same ...
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How to merge big and many polygons (SHP) in QGIS/Spatialite?

Background: I have a bunch of (huge) SHP-files that I would like to merge to one big SHP-file that I can use for geo-processing (clip, etc.). Now I was able to merge a big part of the SHP-files to one ...
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Merge shapes from the same layer by attributes

I have a single layer with shapes (raster cells) that represent all countries on earth (the figure below shows france). Each shape has specific attributes. Is it possible to merge the shapes by ...
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Merge polygons from two different layers in QGIS

I have a layer with all buildings. Then I made a layer with buildings of interest from my part. The problem is that a building of interest is made out of several polygons, but I want it as one ...
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Resolving mistakes after merging polygons

My problem is quite similar to those of title "qgis merge polygons does not merge on snapped edges" and "Merging polygons". I'm merging several polygon features (within one layer), all adjacent with ...
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"Merge Selected Features" Persistently Grayed Out

I am perplexed by a new occurrence in QGIS, I seem unable to merge selected features e.g. Polygon. Toggling Editing on a polygon layer, and selecting two polygon features I would like to merge ...
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MergeShapes gives AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'isEmpty'

I try to merge two polygon shapes in QGIS 2.18.4 with the MergeShapes plugin. The error message shown below is what I get in return. Does anyone know a solution? I want to make one table out of two ...
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Global name 'dataobjects' is not defined in QGIS?

I have this small problem with QGIS 2.18.4 Las Palmas. I just downloaded it and tried to merge vector layers, but i've got error: "global name 'dataobjects' is not defined". I didn't change anything ...
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Replacing Polygon layer with extent of another polygon in ArcGIS Desktop? [closed]

I need to insert a multi-polygon feature class into an existing vector layer (replacing the entire area within the former's footprint). Is there a better way than just DELETE then MERGE polygons (in ...
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ogr2ogr merge multiple shapefiles: What is the purpose of -nln tag?

The basic script in order to iterate recursively over sub-folders and merge all shapefiles into single one is: #!/bin/bash consolidated_file="./consolidated.shp" for i in $(find . -name '*.shp'); do ...
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Create new shapes by merging an existing shape

I want to create a new shapefile from an existing one. I would like to create a new shapefile for next level of geo hierarchy (say regions) by grouping some of features (states) from the existing ...
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Can't merge Polygons - Error: "layers must all be of the same geometry"

I have several polygons (all of which have the same CRS and attributes) and I want to merge these into a single layer. I had hoped this would be a quick, easy process in QGIS but the merge functions (...
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Shapely Cascaded Union Failure

I am trying to merge polygons using shapely. Here is the piece of code that is being used. This code, fully functional earlier, doesn't seem to work (probably because my python packages were updated). ...
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Ghost feature in D3

I am very new to GIS. I am making an interactive that uses TopoJSON. Starting with a shapefile map of the world that shows the last bit of the Russia on the left rather than attached to the main ...
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How to merge polygons not sharing same boundaries based on attribute with one expression in qgis

I have a .shp file of a country in which I have NAME_1 as state/province name. NAME_2 as district name and NAME_3 as towns of the district. I want to merge the polygons based on NAME_2 for the whole ...
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Error in merging two shapefiles of different geometry types

I am trying to merge two shapefiles... Here are the links of two shapefiles Australian State & Territory State and Territory ASGC Ed 2011 Digital Boundaries in ESRI Shapefile Format (http://...
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QQIG/SAGA "merge shapes layers" algorithm removes underscores/pluses from layer names

I have a bunch of layers that are named layername_number+number that I want to merge. I need their names as source attribute so I used the "merge shapes layers" algorithm found under SAGA in the ...
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Merging small area units [duplicate]

I am working with population data organised in parish units for the whole of Denmark. Many parishes are very small (ie <500 inhabitants compared to a median of around 1500) so I plan to merge these ...
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Merge vector layers to fill gaps in QGIS

I have a zip code map which I added per zip code data too (a regional director for each zipcode), and then dissolved the map based on the director attribute. As you may or may not know, zip codes are ...
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Merge shapefiles to one tool not working?

When using the data management tool "Merge shapefiles to one" in QGIS why is it copying one of my shapefiles instead of merging the two together as it should?
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Merging two vector layers with different granularity

I am a beginner at QGIS. I have two vector layers. One represents country boundaries for the whole world. The other one represents region boundaries, but only for OECD countries. I would like to ...
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QGIS MergeShapes Error

I am using the MergeShapes plugin with QGIS 1.8.0 on a Windows 7 computer. The issue I am having is when I perform a merge from a directory based on one geometry type, and then switch the geometry ...
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