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Dividing a fishnet polygon with straight lines in ArcGIS Pro [closed]

I have a fairly expansive area I'm classifying by way of creating polygons by selecting cells from a fishnet grid. I'm trying to subdivide the overall fishnet feature class into 8 equal parts. because ...
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Inserting Modify Features Clip (Discard area that intersects) into ModelBuilder in ArcGIS Pro

Does anyone know how to insert the Modify Features Clip tool into a ModelBuilder in ArcGIS Pro 3.03? I'm wanting to cut a hole in a polygon based on another feature class, and do this for ten ...
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ArcGIS Pro : load Sketch into the Traverse tool without Parcel Fabric/COGO Enable

In ArcMap, you can Load Sketch into the COGO Traverse tool and modify the survey calls (Metes and Bounds) of a polygon. It seems there is not an exact way to do that in ArcGIS Pro. Every documentation ...
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QGIS: Shifting ortophotos / rasters by a few meters in relation to their proper projection

The following figure shows my QGIS-3.16-Canvas with an excerpt of a TrueOrtophoto (tif), with a 10-meters-point-grid in front corresponding to the pixel size of my satellite imagery. (The Ortophotos ...
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Modify coordinate string in parsed KML file [closed]

I am new to Python. I found this code on the internet to parse names and coordinate strings from KML files and write them into a .csv file. Works excellent! However, for my purpose, I need to convert ...
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Updating the TEXT attribute on an OpenLayers point

I have the following map and vector layer declaration that is working: var map; var vectorLayer = new ol.layer.Vector({ target: "points", source: new ol.source.Vector(), style: new ol....
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Building a polygon using COGO/traverse in ArcGIS Pro

I have a legal survey and I am trying to digitize a polygon boundary using the metes and bounds. In ArcMap, I would just edit an existing polygon layer using Traverse. In Pro, the "Modify ...
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Clip (Modify Features) aggregates nearby geometry using ArcGIS Pro

I have a large polygon that contains several other (smaller) polygons. Some of these smaller polygons also intersect with each other but they all at least 'touch' the larger polygon. I want to clip ...
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Retaining Feature class Information Using Construct Polygons Modify Feature in ArcGIS Pro

I have a polyline feature I need to turn into polygons but I don't have the license which would allow me to use the feature to polygon tool. The workaround as suggested on the Construct Polygons From ...
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After Pasting a Feature in Pro, Why Does Move Automatically Activate?

Since moving to ArcGIS Pro 2.5 (and still existing in 2.6) when I am editing a feature and I copy and paste it, once pasting, the modify features move command is activated. This can lead to issues of ...
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