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Prevent OpenLayers page scrolling when using the mouse wheel on map buttons or overlays?

I have an OpenLayers 7 map. Let's take the Popup example. When I use the mouse scroll wheel over the map, the map zooms in and out as expected. However, when the mouse scroll wheel occurs over the ...
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OpenLayers - pan map on pressing mouse wheel

In OpenLayers 2, it was possible to pan the map with either pressing the left button or the mouse wheel (middle button). In later Versions, the mouse wheel options seems to have disappeared. Is it ...
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How to synch Zoom control and MouseWheelZoom interaction in OpenLayers 6?

In OpenLayers v6.3.1 the map has a Zoom control and MouseWheelZoom is enabled. The map view has 10 resolutions. In OpenLayers v5 prior to v6 using either the Zoom control or the MouseWheelZoom ...
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Problem with mouse zoom in Open Layers 6

I'm using latest version of OpenLayers 6 and I noticed that even in the official examples there is small problem (or it is a feature) with mouse zoom. When I set zoom restrictions then while using the ...
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Pan and Zoom via mouse not working in New Data Frame?

Inserted a new data frame for a small overview map in the corner of my display. Left click and selected properties, set the same coordinate system as the larger display, set the Extent Indicators to ...
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Leaflet on mouse wheel event change zoom by delta

I am trying to find a way to change zoom by delta when using mouse wheel event (scroll) in Leaflet. E.g. current map zoom is on 0 and if "scrolled" into map, zoom should be 5. Also, zoom change ...
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Change zoom factor of QGIS programmatically with PyQGIS

I would like to change the zoom factor of QGIS dynamically without restarting QGIS. The changed settings I would like to use for a plugin would be that it let's me dynamically change the zoom ...
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Mouse wheel zoom on leaflet map only after click

I want to make the zoom on mouse wheel only active after clicking once on the map, as described in Leaflet mouse wheel zoom only after click on map, but as a newby to all of this, I don't know where ...
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QGIS - Disable Mouse Wheel Zoom

I'm using QGIS 2.16.x and the mouse wheel preference to disable zooming does not seem to be available. I've tried locking the scale but when the magnifier function is enabled, the zoom function still ...
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Disabling mouse wheel zoom using ArcGIS API for JavaScript?

The mouse wheel behaviour in the 4.1 version of the ArcGIS JS API is causing problems with maps on scrollable pages, see Scrolling down a page with a map from here and a question on I ...
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Disrespectful wheel mouse zooming in CartoDB

When building a vizualization in CartoDB, I have the option to "Allow wheel mouse zooming" but it seems not to respect it in the output map. Any idea why not?
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26 votes
4 answers

Leaflet mouse wheel zoom only after click on map

I'm working with the Leaflet JavaScript Library and attached a (working) map to my HTML Document. It is in the middle of the page, and when I'm scrolling down with my mouse wheel and arrive at the map,...
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Setting mouse wheel zooms in ArcMap

How do I set mouse wheel zooms in ArcMap 10.1? We want zooming in ArcMap to work like it does in OpenLayers.
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Changing Mouse Wheel zoom direction in QGIS?

I'm just starting to learn QGIS. I'm starting with the basic simple things. Coming from an ArcGIS background, I am used to the mouse wheel action zooming in and out the default ArcGIS way. QGIS ...
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Disabling ArcGIS Server web adf calls when zooming with a mouse wheel?

When zooming using the mouse wheel on a web adf based map, every time the map wheel clicks, requests are sent to ArcGIS Server for maps etc. (as evident in Fiddler). Is there any way to harvest an ...
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