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Questions tagged [multi-resolution-raster]

Use this tag when referring to the raster data format Multi-Resolution Raster

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Similar boundary but different spatial resolution

I am not sure if I can express it properly considering the lingo but, I am trying to create maps that show comparison of different spatial resolution in determining soil loss in a given watershed. I ...
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MRR build for GDAL version 3.7

Precisely provide MapInfo MRR Raster SDK Binaries and GDAL plugin for QGIS (, however the plugins are specific to ...
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Converting 5m DTM Raster to 0.5 m resolution in QGIS

I have 2 rasters (0.5m and 5m resolution respectively). There are some areas which the 0.5m raster doesn't cover. For these areas, I want to use the 5m raster. How do I merge these rasters into one ...
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Changing 10m to 20 m Resolution in QGIS

I have Esa world data of 2020 it is in 10m resolution and I want to change it to 20m resolution in qgis. How can I do it ?
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What should be the spatial resolution of the classification output if I am using all the bands of Sentinel-2 sensor?

Sentinel-2 sensor have 10 m, 20 m and 60 m pixel resolution depending upon the wavelength band. If I use all the available bands in my classification, what should be the resolution of the output ...
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Loading *.mrr files in QGIS or using GDAL

Does anyone know how to load the new proprietary MRR files using QGIS or GDAL? I tried using Add Vector Layer but QGIS did not recognize this file.
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Speeding up contouring of .mrr files in Mapinfo?

I'm contouring relatively small 30m resolution grids - 50-100mb .mrr files. Creating a simple 1 level contour takes hours! I let a slightly larger one run on a spare machine and it took days. Is ...
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Viewing MapInfo .MRR rasters in ArcGIS Desktop?

I'd like to view MapInfo Multi Resolution Raster (.MRR) in ArcMap or ArcGIS Pro. Esri Supported Rasters in ArcGIS Pro I've found zero methods to view mrr. I'm not keen to export to a different ...
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MRR -setting transparent color (MapInfo)

In Mapinfo Advanced 16 I tried to merge all the 2016/10cm, 2014/15cm and 2011/50cm separately into mrr (works fine) and then to merge these three together. It started to process but (3 days) later MI ...
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