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Calculating the end km with reference to the start km of road in QGIS

Note the labelling on the picture to be the lengths of the link segments and have been selected from Right to Left. Start KM = KM at the beginning of the link End KM = KM at the end of the link. (...
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Folium.geojson Multiline String doesn't wrap around the map, creates crossing lines across the map

I am having an issue using Python and folium regarding GeoJSON features. I made a simple map using folium and displayed tsunami information as well as specific colors for the different earthquake ...
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QGIS - Unite many lines in a single Multiline (with branches)

I have a shapefile that contains many lines that connect to each other, forming branches, as shown in the picture: How can I join all these lines into a single entity? I want the attribute table to ...
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Line lengths differ depending on method used QGIS3

I have a layer containing multiple non-overlapping lines (MultiLineString). I want to calculate the length of each line. However, I get three different answers depending on the method used to ...
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how to store a road with multiple routes?

I assume everybody knows google maps. When you get any direction to you destination there is always mutliple options. Let's say I want to store such a geometry in PostGIS? What is the best approach to ...
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Geting midpoint of MultiLine in QGIS

I have a line(multiline) layer in QGIS 3.22. I need to place a point in the middle. I've tried using the algorithms: "interpolate point on line" and "points along geometry", by ...
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2 answers

Merging LineString with MultiLineString with Python

Is it possible to use shapely or some other Python software to merge a LineString with a MultiLineString? Shapely's ops.linemerge fails here. I am attempting to merge segments of the same road, ...
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3 votes
2 answers

Getting coordinates of Line or MultiLine using PyQGIS

We can get point layer coordinates through the following code, but I want to know the coordinates of Line or MultiLine. How to get these coordinates? layer = QgsProject.instance().mapLayersByName(&...
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I'd like to create a vector layer in QGIS to display all the points that form a LINESTRING or a MULTILINESTRING stored in a PostGIS DB. I think that I need to transform all points of LINESTRING (or ...
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