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Line lengths differ depending on method used QGIS3

I have a layer containing multiple non-overlapping lines (MultiLineString). I want to calculate the length of each line. However, I get three different answers depending on the method used to ...
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how to store a road with multiple routes?

I assume everybody knows google maps. When you get any direction to you destination there is always mutliple options. Let's say I want to store such a geometry in PostGIS? What is the best approach to ...
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Geting midpoint of MultiLine in QGIS

I have a line(multiline) layer in QGIS 3.22. I need to place a point in the middle. I've tried using the algorithms: "interpolate point on line" and "points along geometry", by ...
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QGIS MultiLine split

I Have in QGIS 3.22 MultiLine vector layer with one feature. In this one feature is two segments of lines, each has 6 vertexes. I manipulated this feature by geometry generator and generated with: ...
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2 answers

Getting coordinates of Line or MultiLine using PyQGIS

We can get point layer coordinates through the following code, but I want to know the coordinates of Line or MultiLine. How to get these coordinates? layer = QgsProject.instance().mapLayersByName(&...
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