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Use when NameError from Python is thrown by your code

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Reading files with Japanese filenames with GeoPandas

I'm trying to read all shapefiles in a folder using this script: import glob import geopandas as gpd infolder = r'E:/folder/test_input' shapefiles = glob.iglob(infolder+'/*.shp') gdfs = [gpd....
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NameError: name data_all1 is not defined in Python 3.x

I have a standalone script using data opened from a Geopackage with Fiona. When I run this portion of my script: import os import fiona import numpy as np datapath= '/media/sf_SharesShapefiles/' ...
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ArcPy CalculateGeometryAttributes parameters for area calculation - Failed to execute error

I have a large project I am working on and am stumped on one step. There is a large group of layers (over 40), for each of which I need to (1) add an area column to the attribute table and then (2) ...
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Output of first iteration as the input of the next step in a for loop

I use a Python script to find the closest facilities. I have 24 cities to process. For one city, I should create 100 random datasets. To do that, I use Python, and for loops. After I create the random ...
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