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A natural disaster is a major adverse event resulting from natural processes of the Earth; examples include floods, severe weather, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, and other geologic processes.

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Calculating dNBR for Image Collection in GEE

I'm trying to calculate the differenced normalized burn ratio (DNBR) values for a Landsat image collection in Google Earth Engine for detect fire date and measure burned area using the following code; ...
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Seeking vector file of extent of flood plain of 2010 Pakistan Floods?

I am looking to locate a shapefile or any vector file that can be used for analysis I am conducting of change in size of cropland in the Punjab region of Pakistan. The file of interest would reflect ...
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Historical Hurricane data

I am searching for a data source on past hurricanes that includes the coordinates of the path at different times including wind speed pressure and category. Any other added data would also be helpful.
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Calculate radius from magnitude of earthquake on leaflet map?

I have a working leaflet map that is showing earthquake data from I'm trying to figure out the "right" way to calculate the radius of the circle for an earthquake given ...
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Converting file geodatabase feature class to KML without using Esri software?

Admin boundaries are available in as a file geodatabase (*....
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Remote sensing for Nepal Earthquake [closed]

To any experts who can provide remote sensing data that can help assess impact and damage of nepal earthquake we really need your help to ensure aid is well targeted. Existing data so far is here If ...
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How can GIS be used in disaster management?

I know that mapping plays a significant role in dealing with natural disasters, but I'm not familiar with how that works as my background is primarily web development. I'm wondering if there is any ...
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WMS Meteorological Data sources?

I was looking in Google Earth and saw lots of feeds/KMZ for historical and current Hurricanes. I am after some Meteorological WMS feeds into data that is related to past and present hurricanes and ...
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GIS and natural disasters - examples of geo-visualizations and geospatial analysis

I stumbled upon NY Times' web map of deaths from tornadoes in US. Can you point me to some more interesting examples of geo-visualization and/or geospatial analysis of natural disasters and their ...